Alumni Association Sponsored Two Trips to Gettysburg

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Gettysburg Battlefield – Traditional Trip

The Alumni Association traveled to Pennsylvania in September for John Lamphere’s Traditional tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield. We started with an overview of the battle at the Gettysburg Diorama on Friday. Afterwards, we arrived at Little Round Top. One of the fields we were overlooking was having a controlled burn. John explained that the whole battlefield would have been that smoky due to the gun fire and cannon fire.

On Saturday, we visited many monuments while John explained in detail the importance of each site. John enlisted the help of members of our group for a demonstration how a cannon was fired. Saturday evening, we enjoyed a buffet dinner at the Historic Farnsworth House. After dinner, we were free to explore the village of Gettysburg.

Sunday, we continued our tour by visiting the 111th New York monument which is dedicated to the volunteers from Cayuga and Wayne Counties. In the National Cemetery, one of our group read the Gettysburg Address near the site where President Lincoln gave this famous speech. We finished our trip at the Gettysburg Cyclorama, a panoramic painting of the battlefield.

People were amazed by the passion John has about the Battle of Gettysburg and his enthusiasm in sharing his knowledge. I think everyone returned home with a greater appreciation for the sacrifices made during this historic battle.

~Fred Falsey ’76

Gettysburg Unseen

John Lamphere ’74 wanted to provide a new and “Unseen” experience of the Gettysburg battlefields for the more than 35 travelers who participated in the October bus trip. Most of them have been on the Traditional trip on multiple occasions. John delivered a trip that took them to places and sites they had never encountered. Advertised as “requiring the ability to cover long distances walking, as well as exploring multiple types of terrain,” travelers came prepared for the challenge. Maneuvering the rocky terrain of Devil’s Den, climbing the windings stairs of the Pennsylvania Monument to reliving Pickett’s Charge, the weekend was full of new experiences.

Despite rain and all around challenging weather, tour guide Lamphere succeeded in making the trip a memorable one. Scheduled visits to the Gettysburg National Cemetery, and the Gettysburg Museum and Visitor Center offered somber glimpses of our nation’s volatile past and sobering reflection. John’s ability to draw each visitor in, kept everyone interested and asking questions. Travelers felt like participants on this trip, not just spectators.

A special Thank you to Lori Cochran ’95, former Alumni Board member, for the donation of “Lincoln at Gettysburg: The Words That Remade America”, by Garry Wills. Everyone received a copy of the book which included personalized sentiments from John Lamphere.

Be sure to keep a lookout next year so you too can experience the awe that is the Gettysburg Battlefields.

~Rebecca Reese ’06

Editor’s Note: For more of this story, follow this link to read Beverly Sayles article on the “Unseen” trip which appeared in The Citizen. Bev is a regular on John’s Gettysburg trips.

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