Sue Witmer ’90 Retires

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Susan C. Witmer ’90, Operations Director for the River Glen Campus, Retires

The red phoneAfter more than 33 years with Cayuga Community College, Sue Witmer ’90, Director of Fulton Operations retired at the end of November.  Sue participated in and led endless Fulton Campus activities and events over the years, such as the United Way campaigns and the 20th anniversary celebration of Fulton Campus.

Faculty, staff, family & friends gathered last fall to wish her well in her retirement, with many co-workers providing emotional accounts and stories about Sue.  The group enjoyed viewing the slide show of Sue and her 33 years at Cayuga; it was a touching farewell.

“More than half my life has been spent at this fine institution and I’ve made so many friends during my tenure – faculty, staff, students, folks I’ve done business with, community people – many who will remain in my life for years to come.  It’s been a great career and I’m thankful for all I’m able to walk away with, what I’ve learned, and will hold dear in my heart,” Sue said.

To Read more about this story, check out the Spring/Summer 2017 issue of Spartan.

Advanced Manufacturing Program Offered at CCC Fulton Campus

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fulton-campus-exteriorThis fall Cayuga’s Fulton campus once again offered its Advanced Manufacturing Program, which began on October 17th.  The 10-week program was developed by Cayuga Community College, area manufacturers, and the staff of Oswego County Workforce NY, with the plan to prepare job-seekers for jobs as entry level production workers at local industries.  The classes are taught by industrial trainers who work for local industries.  This is the third session of Pre-Employment Advanced Manufacturing Certificate Program that has been offered at the Fulton campus this year.  Those who take the Pre-Employment Advanced Manufacturing Certificate program have the option of continuing in a career path in advanced manufacturing.

“The development of the Pre-employment Advanced Manufacturing Program is a crucial step towards helping local manufacturers fill high demand jobs and providing Oswego County individuals the opportunity to build a career pathway in advanced manufacturing.  This program is a great opportunity for an individual looking to enter a field that provides a good wage, benefits, and opportunity for advancement,” said Carla DeShaw, Executive Dean of Cayuga Community College.

To date, 23 students have graduated from the first two 10-week sessions of the course and many are employed at local manufacturing companies such as Huhtamaki, Novelis and PaperWorks.

Kindergarden to Success

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Kindergarden to SuccessIn May, kindergarten students arrived on the Fulton Campus from Granby Elementary wearing t-shirts donated by the Cayuga Community College for the Kindergarten to College Success Program (K2C) developed by Donna Petersen ’07, a Learning Specialist, English/Adjunct Instructor.  The Program was created to promote the early literacy connection in the elementary classroom between the College’s Early Childhood Education Program and the local school district in which Cayuga Fulton students complete their practicum placements.

The children were welcomed by Mrs. “P” along with the Fulton Division Chair, Dr. Robert Humphrey.  Throughout the day, the students enjoyed a germ demonstration with Professor Jennifer Nichols ’01 in the nursing lab, and a read aloud with Librarian and Associate Professor Judy Campanella ’78, who wowed the children with her story about the superhero monster who helped save the Earth.  The children then became superheroes themselves by creating their own capes with stickers and crayons.

Their day was completed with a stop at the Barnes & Noble bookstore, where David Alliger ’08 and his crew rewarded them with a tasty treat of hot chocolate.  Before leaving, the students received a CCC goody bag.

Children in bookstore

children making capes

Dr. Humphrey and Mrs

hot cocolate

Judy Campanella reads to children

Kindergarten to College Success


Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness on Fulton Campus

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In March the Student Government Organization and ARISE of Oswego County sponsored events on the Fulton Campus in support of Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Week.  Sincere thanks went out to all those who participated.  Many showed up dressed in green on St. Patrick’s Day to show their support for this important cause!

St. Patrick's Day - Fulton Campus-CROPPED

Cayuga’s Fulton Campus Inducts Its Largest Honor Society Cohort Ever

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The Cayuga Community College Fulton campus honor society Phi Theta Kappa held its spring induction ceremony April 17 in the events center on the Fulton Campus.  The college’s chapter, Beta Tau Iota, inducted 38 new members, the largest induction to date held at the Fulton Campus.  To qualify, students must have a minimum grade point average of 3.5 and maintain a high academic standing throughout their enrollment at Cayuga.  Guest speakers who welcomed and congratulated the stellar students included College President Dr. Brian Durant and associate vice president and CCC alumnus John Lamphere ’74. 

Phi Theta Kappa

The Fulton Campus Phi Theta Kappa, Beta Tau Iota Chapter Spring Inductees:

Kathleen Alfano Jennifer L. James
Jennifer Lynn Allen Elizabeth Lambert
Heather Brumbaugh Dennis Lassen
Carrie Burd Marissa Leach
John Carbonaro Delainey Lecuyer
Lindsey Carolynn Caswell Serina Lewis–Galla
Lisa Alaska Church Kayli Moody
Brittany Cimilluca Patrick Murray
Kayla Cordone Jacqueline O’Brien
Amanda Deavers Sandra L. Pelkey
Peter D. Denton Meghan Pacheco
Jessica Doherty Lindsay Rollson
Joseph Fernandez Taylor Simpson
Kara Friot Montanna Smith
Laurie Ellen Goodall Jessica Taylor
Ashley Goodwin Claudia Wheeler
Lucille Halstead Cynthia Wild
Nicole Herron Julianna Zabala
Sarabeth Hogan
Kristy Hutchins

Student Clubs on the Fulton Campus Team Up for Holiday Cheer!

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Shauna Nesbitt from the Admissions Office and advisor to Phi Theta Kappa on the Fulton Campus, coordinated efforts to purchase supplies and gifts for eight families in need, with the help of students in the Beta Tao Iota chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the Tutor Club, Business Leadership Club, and Vet’s Club. The student groups raised funds and collect donated non-perishable food items to sponsor the families from within River Glen’s own student body.

Families received a basket of food containing turkey, potatoes, stuffing, rolls, fruit, vegetables, spaghetti, sauce, cereal, butter, eggs, pancake mix and syrup, and snacks; along with a gingerbread house ( for the families to complete together). Additionally, each child received a small gift; thanks in part to this lovely collaboration of the Fulton campus community. The gifts were wrapped by Fulton staff members, Lorelee Lardear, Sue Hough, and Joyce Crandall.

The collaboration from the Fulton campus clubs, led by Ms. Nesbitt made this generous event possible; and brighten the holiday season for these deserving families.

Sara Hogan, Shauna Nesbitt and Peter Denton

Sara Hogan, Shauna Nesbitt and Peter Denton

Shauna Nesbitt from the Fulton Admissions Office, advisor to the Beta Tau Iota chapter of PTK

Shauna Nesbitt from the Fulton Admissions Office, advisor to the Beta Tau Iota chapter of PTK

PTK members Peter Denton, Laurie Goodall, Sara Hogan, Jennifer James (president, CCC student), Shauna Nesbitt, PTK advisor and parent

PTK members Peter Denton, Laurie Goodall, Sara Hogan, Jennifer James (president, CCC student), Shauna Nesbitt, PTK advisor and parent

Food and Gifts donated to brighten the holiday for local families

Food and Gifts donated to brighten the holiday for local families.

Veteran’s Day Celebration

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The Fulton Campus held a solemn and touching Veteran’s Day Ceremony on Monday, November 9th that was attended by Alumni, students and staff of the College as well as local community leaders and more importantly, veterans.

Associate Vice President John Lamphere ’74 welcomed the group and had the VFW Post 569 post the colors with an invocation provided by Father Moritz Fuchs, whose service to nation included being a personal aide to Justice Robert Jackson during the Nuremberg Trial’s that started 70 years ago this Fall to prosecute Nazi war crimes at the end of World War II.

Cayuga’s new President, Dr. Brian Durant, reiterated the College’s commitment to our veterans “Cayuga Community College – the faculty, staff, and members of the Veterans’ Club – is committed to working with veterans and active members of the military on the application and enrollment processes, accessing GI benefits as well as other financial aid options, and to providing additional programs and services specifically designed to ease their transition back into civilian life. We hope that more veterans choose Cayuga Community College. We look forward to helping them achieve their goals and continue to contribute to our communities as they have done for the nation.”

Jo Ann Harris’95, Advisor to the Veterans Club spoke of the “Fallen Soldier’s Table” that was set up on the stage near the speakers. One of the most poignant moments of the 45 minute ceremony was her reading of a piece describing the table:

A small table, set for one, is in a place of honor. This table is our way of acknowledging the members of our proud profession of arms who are missing from our midst. They are those Killed in Action, Prisoners of War, and those that are listed as Missing in Action.

The tablecloth is white, symbolizing the purity of their intentions to respond to their country’s call to arms.

The single red rose is displayed in a vase and is reminiscent of a soldiers loved ones, friends, and fellow troops left behind.

The red ribbon tied so prominently on the vase, is a reminder of the blood they shed protecting the liberty so loved by our country.

A slice of lemon is on the plate, to remind us of their bitter fate.

The plate, covered in salt, is symbolic of their families’ tears.

The glass is inverted; they cannot toast with us this night.

The candle reminds us of the light of hope which lives in one’s heart to light the way home from their captors to the open arms of a grateful nation.

The chair is empty; they are not here.

Let us remember, and never forget.

Reading her paper “His Name is George,” Mary “Josie” Smith read a very emotional piece she wrote as a student at the College about her husband, a Vietnam Veteran. George Sanford Smith, Jr suffered a massive bleed in his brain that took his self-awareness and left him partially paralyzed and in a nursing home where he seemed to have become just a number to the staff there. Mrs. Smith read how George Smith was not a number in a hospital ward, but her husband, a father, a friend and a hero. He served, along with many other American heroes in Vietnam, as a platoon sergeant and sniper. She explained how while he is a shadow of who he once was, it will never change who he will always be to those who love him. He made a difference in the world – too much of a difference to have his name replaced by a number. Mrs. Smith expresses that George Smith is an American hero; one of a generation of heroes that our country has.

Other guest speakers included Jennifer Allen, winner of the Fulton Campus Veteran’s Day Poem contest and Jerimy Blowers ’93, Coordinator of Wellness and Interventions Services, who discussed his research into the life and service of an uncle who he was named after, who died during the Second World War.

On Veteran’s Day, a Flag Raising Ceremony was held with special guests, the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps, Truxtun DDG-103 Division. A crowd of about 70 participants were in attendance for the event which included the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance.

Veteran’s Day Poem Contest Winner

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Sacred Honor

The Veterans standing at the wall,
Commemorates each solders fall.
They fought for glory, they fought for all.
The Veterans standing at the wall.

I saw a man there, and he wept.
And in his heart, his brothers kept.
The loss of them, he can’t accept.
I saw a man there and he wept.

The flag half mast, and heads bow low.
Respect and honor, we bestow.
A solemn pride inside us flow.
The flag half mast, and heads bow low.

The sun shines on this alter stone.
We leave this place with sorrow tone.
They fought and died, but not alone.
The sun shines on this alter stone.

In honor we will not forget.
With survey of each occupant,
The Veterans at that Monument.
In honor we will not forget.

                       ~ Jennifer Allen


CCC Fulton Clubs declare a “Penny War”

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Photo 3Fulton Campus clubs and organizations raised money with a “Penny War” last semester. Sponsored by the Student Government Organization, the goal was to earn the most points. Pennies gave positive points, while silver and bills gave negative points. The club with the most points at the end of the competition won all of the money raised to be donated to the winning club’s charity. Over $1,900 was raised in less than seven days!

The Veteran’s Club was declared the winner with the Nursing Club and Healthy Living Club in second and third place respectively. Kelly Newton, president of SGO, was invited by the Veteran’s Club to go shopping for toys to be donated to Toys for Tots. Kmart of Liverpool helped the money go even further by giving an additional 20% discount. The club was able to purchase over $2,300 worth of toys.

Michael Fochtman, Student Engagement Coordinator and Advisor to SAB and SGO, congratulated the Fulton campus community. “What an incredible accomplishment, Fulton campus community! We have one generous group of people learning and working within our buildings. You should all be very proud to call yourselves members of our team. Congratulations!”

Veterans Day Recognized

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Veterans Day cakeSeveral events were held on the Auburn and Fulton campuses in recognition of Veteran’s Day. Flag Raising and Honoring Our Veterans Ceremonies were held on both campuses. The Fulton VFW Color Guard participated during the Fulton ceremony. A “Veteran Resume Workshop” was held in Fulton and a ribbon cutting ceremony was held in Auburn for the new Veterans Lounge.

Following the events, John Lamphere, Associate Vice President, thanked everyone who planned and participated in the annual Veteran’s Ceremony, “It is certainly worthwhile and something that we as Americans should and must do to honor those who have given their service to our country.”

Veteran’s Day Poem Contest

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A poetry contest was held for CCC Fulton Campus students with a Veterans Day theme. The grand prize winner had the privilege of reading their poem at the Honoring the Veterans Ceremony in Fulton. The winner was Samantha Dawley:

I’m Living Red, White, and Blue

I stand here where I am free

Because veterans fought for me

The young, the old, the dead, and the alive,

All of them matter in my eyes

We can’t forget what brave people did

To be here today

The way that we live

I want to take a second and thank you all

Because of you

I stand tall

You fought for your country

To make it right

You face your fears with all your might

And because of all the veterans did what they use to do

I’m living red, white, and blue


Four Locations – 20 Years

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DSC_8392On April 23, Cayuga CC’s Fulton Campus celebrated its 20th anniversary. The event’s organizing committee (featured in the February 2014 edition of Get Inspired) welcomed staff, faculty, special guests and dignitaries.

An introduction by Sue Witmer ’90, Fulton Campus Director of Operations and committee chair, began by reading a letter from Debbie Grimshaw, the campus’s first director. Though she was unable to attend personally due to her position of superintendent of the Canajoharie Central School District, she sent her best regards including a stroll down memory lane. Sue also recognized special guests in attendance, including Dr. Cathleen McColgin ’86, former Dean/Provost of the Fulton Campus; Fulton Mayor Ron Woodward; Oswego County Legislators Linda Lockwood, Frank Castiglia Jr., Morris Sorbello and Roy Reehil; CCC Trustee Joseph Runkle; Cayuga County Legislators Mike Didio and Keith Batman ’72, who was also the former interim director of the Fulton Center; and President Ted Herrling ’72 and Director of Alumni Affairs Louise Wilson ’72 representing the ACC/CCC Alumni Association.

Speakers included Dr. Gregory DeCinque, CCC Interim President; Honorable Michael Chapman, Chairman Cayuga County Legislature; Maggie Killoran, Associate Vice President/Dean Fulton Campus; and Terry Wilbur ’08, Majority Leader Oswego County Legislator and ACC/CCC Alumni Association board member.

Patricia McCurdy, retired Fulton English instructor and unofficial historian for the event, entertained the crowd of about 80 with 20 trivia questions. The assembled group tested their knowledge on the campus’s early beginnings, many of them surprising and humorous.

A luncheon and cake followed, offering long-time friends and colleagues a chance to reminisce and enjoy the camaraderie. A recap of Fulton’s 20 year history is being planned for the next edition of The Spartan.

Let’s Celebrate – Again!

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Hard to believe it has been ten years since we took this photo in 2004, so it’s time to create another nostalgic moment.  The CCC Fulton’s 20th Anniversary committee is planning to commemorate another milestone.  Special guests are being invited to speak at an event planned for Wednesday, April 23 at 11:00 in the lobby of the Fulton Campus at River Glen.  A trivia contest will be held with a special prize for the winner, and cake will be served.

Fulton 10 Year Cake 2004