Trip Announcement

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NYC overnight 2016-POSTER

Alumni Voices With Joshua Cradduck ’07

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Alumnus Joshua Cradduck ’07, Assignment Desk Supervisor with Time Warner Cable was on campus in February as part of the Alumni Voices program, which was co-sponsored by Professor Steve Keeler and SOMA.  During the event Cradduck spoke with students about his responsibilities at TWC and fielded questions about his current position and his past experience as a reporter.

Josh explained that he reads 20 papers each morning to stay on top of the news in 25 counties; areas which include Syracuse to Plattsburg and Utica to Buffalo.  He explained that when he is attending to the Assignment Desk, he monitors a bank of police scanners, follows real time calls on an active media website, while channeling phone call coming into the news desk. He explained, “It’s not just news, its public relations.” While his position is challenging, he finds it rewarding; “Every day is different, every day is an adventure.”

To read more about our Alumni Voices events, check out the spring issue of Spartan.  It can be found on the college webpage at:

John Lamphere ’74 Wins Award

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John Lamphere has been selected as the Weedsport Central School District Graduate of Distinction for 2016.  The Weedsport CSD will honor its distinguished alumni at the annual Alumni Banquet on June 18 at the Jr.-Sr. High School.  John Lamphere is a 1974 graduate of Cayuga Community College and sits on Cayuga’s Alumni Association’s Board of Director’s, serving as Secretary.  He is the Associate Vice President and Dean of Cayuga’s Fulton Campus.

Joh Lamphere 1974 -CCC John Lamphere 2016

Trip Announcements

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Holiday Craft Fair Event

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Members of the Alumni Association Board of Directors participated in the 41st annual Holiday Festival Craft Fair in December, where more than 150 vendors, crafters and hobbyists offered handmade items and homemade goodies. The two day event has been a Cayuga Community College Tradition for so long that many of its adult visitors have memories of attending with their parents and grandparents when they were children.

Association Board members sold pizza and bottled water to patrons; with all proceeds from the sales going towards the many programs sponsored by the Association. Entertainment was held throughout the weekend by musician Loren Barrigar, the Lisa Lee Trio, musician and puppeteer Steven Baird, balloon man Louis Paul and “Capt. Jack” Rick Martinez telling Pirate Christmas Stories. The Auburn Players Community Theatre presented “Grinchmas,” featuring a cast of 15 children and three adults dawned in colorful costumes.

Alumni Award Winner Heidi Huddleston Cross ’97 is Recognized

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Heidi Cross 2015 Alumni Winner, Gail Homick Herrling 2012 Alumni WinnerDuring the President’s reception in December, Cayuga Community College President Dr. Brian Durant took time to recognize 2015 Alumni Award Winners, Heidi L. Huddleston Cross, class of 1997. President Durant shared that Heidi graduated from Cayuga’s Nursing Program and she is currently a Nurse Practitioner with Upstate University Hospital and Central New York Surgical Physicians. He explained that Heidi was selected by the Alumni Association for the outstanding contributions she continues to make in her volunteer work and in the field of nursing. She has been recognized by her peers, and has received many honors including Nurse of the Year by the United Ostomy Associations of America (UOAA). Heidi has been a presenter at national and regional conferences for health care professionals and lectures nationally on wound care. Her work has been published in several Journals. In 2009 Cross traveled with an Upstate New York medical team to South Sudan on a mission to teach nursing and wound care to physicians and nurses at the Duk Payuel Lost Boys Clinic.

Dr. Durant recognized Heidi Cross Heidi_and_Gerry

“We would like to recognize Heidi for her exceptional qualities and thank her for the wonderful example she sets to our current student. Her accomplishments are a perfect illustration of what a degree from Cayuga can help you achieve,” said Dr. Durant. Many Alumni Board members, including Board President Gerry Guiney, attended the event and congratulated Heidi on her accomplishments. To read more about Huddleston Cross, check out the fall issue of Spartan online at

Alumni Voices – Ryan Campbell ‘10

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Ryan at board2010 Alumnus Ryan Campbell, who has been working on United States flagged commercial fishing vessels in the Bering Sea, North Pacific and the Gulf of Alaska, returned to campus on December 9th to share his North Pacific experiences as part of our Alumni Voices series.

Through a PowerPoint, Mr. Campbell showed the students and faculty gathered for his talk about the area he has worked in for the last several years. Maybe more than appropriate for the GIS Club that sponsored the event, he talked about how the work he does has “…become a science…” with the ability of sensors to let commercial fisherman know how many fish are in a given net.

In vivid detail he explained how several of the ships he has served on are in reality “large food processing” boats. With many on the search for fresh Pollock, the white fish he said “feeds the world”, is what many of us eat when we bite into a McDonald’s fish fillets. He also discussed the competitiveness of the industry, with both China and Japan willing to pay more for fish caught.

He regaled those in attendance with stories about life in the North Pacific from being at sea for days and weeks not seeing any land, to the common sight of what would be rare in the lower 48, an eagle – so common to be called “dumpster chickens,” as they lurk around trash dumpsters to find morsels of food.

Mr. Campbell has lived in both Anchorage and Juno; and being from Central New York, took a car tour of Seward Alaska, named after Auburnian William Seward, who purchased Alaska for the United States. His talk was enlightening, giving the back story of the life of a commercial fisherman that so often is not like that of the Discovery Channel’s “The Deadliest Catch” filmed in nearby Dutch Harbor.

The Association would like to thank GIS Professor Abu Badruddin for arranging this event. Ryan’s father, Professor of Drafting John Campbell provided many of the photos included in this article, and Professor Michael Pacelli ’85 who was also in attendance said of his former student “Ryan was a student in my Biological Principles I course (BIOL 103) for the fall 2007 semester and I remember him well. He was lively and energetic and was very knowledgeable of freshwater fish. His goal was to transfer to SUNY-ESF and he did it!”

Alumni Association Travels to the Big Apple

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In November the Alumni Association traveled to the Big Apple for a weekend, staying at a hotel conveniently located near Times Square. We experienced pleasantly warm weather for November, making it a wonderful time for roaming about the city. On Saturday people on our trip visited the 9/11 Memorial, Freedom Tower, NY Harbor via the Staten Island Ferry, and the historical Trinity Church; among other sites. People enjoyed museums such as MOMA (Modern Museum of Art) and the American Museum of Natural History. Others toured NYC on The Ride, a multimedia bus tour of NYC. Of course, some of our travelers can’t go to NYC without seeing a play. I experienced Jersey Boys while others enjoyed Aladdin and Beautiful (a Carole King musical). On Sunday morning, the hotel provided a complementary hot breakfast in their cozy breakfast room.

Another popular thing to do in NYC is shopping; and judging from the bags when we boarded our motor coach on Sunday afternoon, a lot of shopping was done over the weekend. Some travelers spent their last day at Bryant Park’s Winter Village; a public park with holiday shops, ice skating and many more activities. There is always plenty to do and see in Manhattan, and we are already preparing for next fall’s excursion to NYC, and you are welcome to join us.

~Fred Falsey ’76

2016 Alumni Sponsored Trips

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2016 Trips

Alumni Association Sponsored Two Trips to Gettysburg

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Gettysburg Battlefield – Traditional Trip

The Alumni Association traveled to Pennsylvania in September for John Lamphere’s Traditional tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield. We started with an overview of the battle at the Gettysburg Diorama on Friday. Afterwards, we arrived at Little Round Top. One of the fields we were overlooking was having a controlled burn. John explained that the whole battlefield would have been that smoky due to the gun fire and cannon fire.

On Saturday, we visited many monuments while John explained in detail the importance of each site. John enlisted the help of members of our group for a demonstration how a cannon was fired. Saturday evening, we enjoyed a buffet dinner at the Historic Farnsworth House. After dinner, we were free to explore the village of Gettysburg.

Sunday, we continued our tour by visiting the 111th New York monument which is dedicated to the volunteers from Cayuga and Wayne Counties. In the National Cemetery, one of our group read the Gettysburg Address near the site where President Lincoln gave this famous speech. We finished our trip at the Gettysburg Cyclorama, a panoramic painting of the battlefield.

People were amazed by the passion John has about the Battle of Gettysburg and his enthusiasm in sharing his knowledge. I think everyone returned home with a greater appreciation for the sacrifices made during this historic battle.

~Fred Falsey ’76

Gettysburg Unseen

John Lamphere ’74 wanted to provide a new and “Unseen” experience of the Gettysburg battlefields for the more than 35 travelers who participated in the October bus trip. Most of them have been on the Traditional trip on multiple occasions. John delivered a trip that took them to places and sites they had never encountered. Advertised as “requiring the ability to cover long distances walking, as well as exploring multiple types of terrain,” travelers came prepared for the challenge. Maneuvering the rocky terrain of Devil’s Den, climbing the windings stairs of the Pennsylvania Monument to reliving Pickett’s Charge, the weekend was full of new experiences.

Despite rain and all around challenging weather, tour guide Lamphere succeeded in making the trip a memorable one. Scheduled visits to the Gettysburg National Cemetery, and the Gettysburg Museum and Visitor Center offered somber glimpses of our nation’s volatile past and sobering reflection. John’s ability to draw each visitor in, kept everyone interested and asking questions. Travelers felt like participants on this trip, not just spectators.

A special Thank you to Lori Cochran ’95, former Alumni Board member, for the donation of “Lincoln at Gettysburg: The Words That Remade America”, by Garry Wills. Everyone received a copy of the book which included personalized sentiments from John Lamphere.

Be sure to keep a lookout next year so you too can experience the awe that is the Gettysburg Battlefields.

~Rebecca Reese ’06

Editor’s Note: For more of this story, follow this link to read Beverly Sayles article on the “Unseen” trip which appeared in The Citizen. Bev is a regular on John’s Gettysburg trips.

Alumni Association Seeks Nominations for 2016 Alumni Award

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The Auburn/Cayuga Community College Alumni Association is seeking nominations for its 2016 Alumni Association Awards. The award recognizes graduates of the College who have distinguished themselves in careers or community service. Past awards have honored outstanding achievements in vocational or artistic pursuits, volunteer service, public service organizations, civic functions or service to the College.

Nominations will be reviewed by the Associations’ Awards Committee, and the winners will be honored at an awards brunch as well as the College commencement on May 22.

Anyone who holds a degree from Auburn or Cayuga Community College may be nominated. The deadline is February 15. Forms and information are available online at or by contacting the Alumni Office- or 315-294-8524.

Alumni Award Winner Bruce G. Burton ’71 Visits Cayuga

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Bruce Burton '72The Alumni Association was pleased to receive a visit from 2015 Alumni Award winner, Bruce G. Burton ’72 in October. Bruce worked for the State Department for many years and recently retired as Senior Advisor from the Office of eDiplomacy.

Burton enjoyed a campus tour with Admissions Assistant Annie Walter ’07, where he shared that while a student at ACC, his wife Amy (Orlopp) Burton ’66; who has been his partner in all of his career assignments and successes, attended the Simon & Garfunkel concert that was held at ACC campus. Following the tour, Bruce was joined by several members of the Alumni Association Board of Directors, Cayuga’s new President and the Foundation Director for a luncheon in his honor.

Burton accepted his ACC/CCC Alumni Award from Past-President Ted Herrling ’72. Board members Bill Jacobs ’73, Tony Gucciardi ’61, Board President Gerry Guiney ’82, Susan Beck ’96, Treasurer Fred Falsey ’76, CCC President Brian Durant, CCCC Foundation Executive Director Guy Cosentino, and Alumni Director Mary Kriever ’09 were on hand for the occasion.

You can read more about Mr. Burton in the fall 2015 issue of Spartan. Contact the Alumni Office by phone: 315.294.8524 by email: for a free copy, or read it online:

The CCC Alumni Association 2015-2016 Board of Directors

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SITTING: Mary Kriever ‘09, Alumni Director, Rebecca Reese ‘06, Kristan Johnson ‘13, Tony Gucciardi ‘61, John Lamphere ‘74-Secretary
STANDING: Bill Jacobs ‘73, Ted Herrling ‘72-past president, Janet Cole ‘72-new member, JoAnn Harris ‘95, Susan Beck ‘96-new member, Amanda Stankus ‘03, Fred Falsey ‘76-Treasurer, Amanda Reed ‘06, Terry Wilbur ‘08-Vice President, Gerry Guiney ‘82-President, Michael Fochtman ‘12, John McLeod ‘08

MISSING: Felicia Franceschelli ‘11

President Gerry Guiney thanks Past-President Ted Herrling for his service.