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February 22nd, 2017 Posted in In Case You Missed It

Editor’s Note:  The Coming Full Circle article with Dr. Ronald R. Grube ’73 was originally run in the spring/summer 2007 edition of Spartan, then called Vision and Partnership.

Coming Full Circle

Ron Grube - ACCDr. Ronald R. Grube ’73 has recently been hired at Cayuga Community College as Assistant Professor of History and Geography.  Having graduated from the Auburn Community College in 1973, he has now come full circle.  And what a ride it was!

After receiving his bachelor degree in psychology from East Tennessee, Ron Grube continued his education at the Union Theological Seminary at Richmond, Virginia.  He then went to Boston University, Colgate Rochester Divinity School (Master of Divinity), Onondaga Pastoral Counselling Center (Professional Training and Residency in Psychotherapy), and the Union Institute and University in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he obtained a doctorate in American History and Historiography.  With that, the circle was completed and Ron is back at the College that gave him his start.

As Dr. Grube tells it, “it just took 35 years to get around the block!”  Welcome, Ron!

Update:  Dr. Grube officially retired from Cayuga in September of 2016, but has continued to teach as an Adjunct Instructor.

“My ‘trip around the block’ will be complete on May 12th of this year, when I will have taught my last courses at Cayuga Community College.  I started teaching history, geography, and psychology here at CCC 21 years ago (full time history 11 years ago).  I can say now that no part of my career has been more fulfilling than these past 21 years at CCC.”

Ron Grube - CCC“While all the meetings and many other duties of full-time education are not high on my list of what I will miss, I will say with absolute confidence that my time in the classroom has been the most worthwhile professional experience I have ever had. It has been great! I love the students – I love the opportunity to help launch careers –and I love the chance to turn people on to history.”

“After finishing my teaching career in May, I am going continue my several construction projects at home. I have a book on the Civil War and historiography to complete. AND, I need to spend some serious quality time traveling on the Erie Canal instead of teaching about it. That shouldn’t be much of a surprise to a good many of my past and present students.”

“Everyone should have the chance to spend a part of their career doing what they truly love. I have been fortunate. Auburn Community College helped to launch my careers. Cayuga Community College gave me the opportunity to find joy in teaching,” shared Dr. Ronald Grube ’73

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