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February 21st, 2017 Posted in College News & Events

Photo 9 - 16 Benches 82 Bear“Benches– a series of short plays that will delight the soul,” was performed by Harlequin Productions this past Fall. The production included eight original plays by five playwrights that all take place around a bench.  Taking advantage of the minimal space needed for the plays, the audience was placed on the Bisgrove stage alongside the actors, which made for a very intimate evening of theatre!

An Adjudicator from the Theatre Association of New York State came to view their production and provide a critique session with the company at the end of the show. She was impressed by the work she saw and honored the cast and crew with 3 merit awards: Excellence in Ensemble Work to the Cast; Excellence in Directing and Overall Production Design and Execution to Bob Frame (Harlequin Productions Advisor); and Outstanding Achievement in Set Design to Virginia Fennessy!

In addition to these recognitions for the fine work of the company, Benches was also invited to perform at the annual TANYS Festival; chosen from a field of close to 100 shows seen by TANYS adjudicators during the year!  The three Festival adjudicators chose to honor one of the Cayuga student actors, Becky White, with an Adjudicator Discretionary Award for her acting.

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