Just a Bunch of Local Guys

November 8th, 2016 Posted in Alumni News & Events

Recounting tales of their former basketball “glory days,” members of the 1963-64 Cayuga Men’s Basketball Team gathered this summer for a long awaited reunion.   Organized by Zinc LaDuce , Bob Readon and Dave Dec (all 1965 Alums), the men met in August to play a little golf (in 95 degree temperatures) at Highland Golf Course and share a picnic dinner at the Owasco Yacht Club.  The following day the team was joined by a few of their wives to take a campus tour with Athletic Director Pete Liddell; all the while reliving games and sharing stories of their time at Auburn Community College.


While not everyone was able to make the event, many shared some of their fondest memories.  Coach Jack Nichols arrived from Bel Air Maryland to partake in the events.  He said that although he never let the guys know it, coaching at ACC was the “biggest honor I ever had.”  Frank Plis ’64 resides in Auburn and shares that he always enjoyed reviewing game results at The Sunset and Pear’s Place. Richard (Dick) Ruschak ’65 who lives in Canandaigua, NY said that he recalls, “Keeping the team calm, especially during the game versus Ithaca College.”


Gregory (Greg) Cornish ’65 passed away in 2009; his teammates recalled that he enjoyed his time with the team, especially having to separate Ruschak and Baker during practices. Charles (Zinc) LaDouce ’65, who has a home in Auburn and  Hiltonhead Island, SC said that some of his favorite memories were  Beating Broome Tech, Mr. Collier’s Botany labs, and reviewing game results at The Sunset Restaurant.  David Baker ’79 talked about the game against Broome Tech, where they held All-American Charlie Georgia to 2 points.  “It was our 10th victor beating a nationally ranked team.”


Donald Torrey ’65 currently resides in Skaneateles said he remembers, “Coach Nichols giving me complements when he compared me to a better opposing player.  He said:  He gets more rebounds than you Torrey, but, doesn’t look as classy as you warming up.”  Robert (Rabbit) Reardon ’65 said he enjoys reminiscing about “the overnight trip to Canton, the Rally Day at Regionals in Troy, NY, the West End Club beer blast, and late night wresting at The Owasco Lounge.”  William (Bill) Green ’64 lives in Williamstown, NJ and Sherwood, NY holds two strong memories, “The triple overtime loss to Monroe Community College and post-game reviews at The Sunset Restaurant.”


David Dec ’65 lives in El Paso, Texas.  He said he most remembers, “Listening to Team manager, Rick Bradshaw’s ‘Why we won or lost,’ while enjoying a cold one at The Sunset Restaurant.” Dennis Walsh ’69 lives in Liverpool, NY and shares his strongest memory while attending ACC; “When Professor Joe Camardo burst into our Classroom, white as a ghost, announcing John F. Kennedy’s assassination.”  Ronald (Ron) Bobbett ’65 resides in Nokomis, FL enjoyed “the Post Season Team Dinner, follow-up gatherings at The Sunset Restaurant, and being a member of the Championship Regional NJCAA Golf team which qualified for the National NJCAA Golf championship in Michigan.”


The former team mates were friends on and off the court and many remain close today.  All things begin equal, one of the things the men are most proud about, should be given a social media ‘hashtag’ of its own: #justabunchoflocalguys.

acc-b-ball-reunion-2 tour


Editor’s Note:  We will be sharing more of their “stories” in our spring issue of Spartan.

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