John E. Walsh ’65 Receives Award

November 8th, 2016 Posted in Cover Story


John E. Walsh ’65, most visible for his work on America’s Most Wanted, attended a reception in his honor to receive his 2016 ACC/CCC Alumni Association Award.  Mr. Walsh was recognized for his achievements which include his work as an advocate and activist in Washington and across the nation to address the issues related to missing children.  His advocacy work was key to the passage of the Missing Children’s Act that was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan in 1982.  His TV program helped to capture about 1,200 suspects, including individuals on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted Lists during its 25-year run.  In 2014, he became the host of a documentary-style investigation series, The Hunt with John Walsh, where he details stories of ongoing cases involving fugitives with the intent of expanding searches outside the United States.

john-walsh-with-gerry-guineyDuring the Auburn campus event, Mr. Walsh shared of stories of the capture of individuals who had committed deplorable acts, and told encouraging accounts of rescue and heartening outcomes.  Members of the Alumni Association Board of Directors, College faculty, staff, senior members of management, and family members were engaged with his recounts of many cases that were solved with his assistance.   John’s brother, Joe Walsh ’78, who teaches at the College, attended with his former student Alex Webb, who served as U.S. Marine and is eager to become a U.S. Marshall.  Alumni Board President Gerry Guiney presented the award winner his plaque and expressed appreciation for his good works.

Photos: Courtesy of Cayuga Collegian photographer Kody Fowler

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