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November 8th, 2016 Posted in In Case You Missed It

Editor’s Note:  The Marilyn U. Fuller ‘99 article was originally run in the fall/winter 2000 edition of Spartan.


marilyn-fuller-fall-2000Marilyn U. Fuller works part time in the continuing Education office at CAYUGA.  Her job is one of “many hats” she wears in her life.  Here is her story.

“I started going to college later in life.  My children were little and I needed the stimulation of the mind that my college classes provided.  I looked forward to my evening classes and getting excellent grades, although it was a lot of work.  I picked at my degree a bit every fall and spring semester; I never wanted to take classes in the summer as I had my hands full with toddlers at home.  So it took a wee bit longer than for the typical student.  But certain classes really changed my life and viewpoints.  I loved art history and all my art and English classes.  Psychology with DON SANZOTTA and GEORGE SMRTIC were involving, fun, and very interesting!”

merlyn-faire-2“Some of the skills I learned carrying the academic load I did, really help me in my life now, but I also own my own business performing music at festivals and fairs, and the research skills I absorbed at college helped me prepare for this kind of fascinating unusual work.”

“I feel now I have the best of all worlds!  Variety is the spice of life and I have set up my life to juggle many tasks and ‘wear the many hats’ of my own choosing.  Cayuga Community College has let me do just that by offering a smattering of many types of courses, (with) faculty to learn from, and to customize my degree to suit my needs and interest.  The library is extensive and the staff has always been helpful to me.”

“I would recommend that a student jump right in and try a course or two, even if they aren’t interested in getting a degree at the moment.  You just never know what will spark and set the readiness to learn aflame in someone.  Even though I graduated in 1999, I intend on always learning and continuing my education in a myriad of ways.  Thanks CAYUGA!”

Thank you, Marilyn, for your inspiration!


merlyn-faire-3“Since the publication of this article in the Spartan 16 years ago, my two girls, Jesse and Shawna, are now grown women and have moved out into their respective independent living situations. Both attended CCC; Jess completing her degree at Empire State, and Shawna took the BOCES Living Skills program.  I am very proud of them both!  I have gone on to do many wonderful events, concerts and Renaissance Festivals up and down the East Coast, with my husband and partner, Wayne Fuller. Together we make up our musical duo called Merry Mischief and our stage names when we play are “Merlyn & Harry.” I still adore playing music and working with him so very much!  I have also had two books published, Fairy Tales & Horror Stories: A Memoir and The Merlinian Legend, which can be found on Amazon!”

merlyn-faire-4“I am currently in the process of finishing my third book, A Rose by Any Other Name, which is about my daughter, Shawna Rose Underwood, who has Down Syndrome. This next wonderful and informative book should be out and available by spring 2017.”   ~Marilyn Fuller ’99

Marilyn is happy to say that she is still with the College’s Department of Community Education, celebrating her 19th year.  “Thank you Cayuga, for giving me the skills to feel qualified to try so many different things!”

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