Alumni Voices With Joshua Cradduck ’07

May 17th, 2016 Posted in Alumni News & Events

Alumnus Joshua Cradduck ’07, Assignment Desk Supervisor with Time Warner Cable was on campus in February as part of the Alumni Voices program, which was co-sponsored by Professor Steve Keeler and SOMA.  During the event Cradduck spoke with students about his responsibilities at TWC and fielded questions about his current position and his past experience as a reporter.

Josh explained that he reads 20 papers each morning to stay on top of the news in 25 counties; areas which include Syracuse to Plattsburg and Utica to Buffalo.  He explained that when he is attending to the Assignment Desk, he monitors a bank of police scanners, follows real time calls on an active media website, while channeling phone call coming into the news desk. He explained, “It’s not just news, its public relations.” While his position is challenging, he finds it rewarding; “Every day is different, every day is an adventure.”

To read more about our Alumni Voices events, check out the spring issue of Spartan.  It can be found on the college webpage at:

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