The Collegian Hosted SGO Presidential Debate

May 16th, 2016 Posted in College News & Events

The first ever SGO Presidential debate took place on April 6th in the student lounge on the Auburn campus.  Organized and directed by Collegian editor Caleb Slater, much of the Collegian staff was on hand to work the event.

Moderated by Collegian’s political correspondent Kevin Shutter, candidates Steve Brewer and Sheldon Ryan were fielded questions submitted by students attending the event, as well as questions prepared by Collegian staff through campus research on the top issues of concern.

Collegian advisor Mary Merritt said she was very pleased with the turnout, which included CCC President Dr. Durant and CCCC Foundation Director Guy Cosentino.

After voting which took place the week of April 18th, Steve Brewer was determined the winner.  Mr. Brewer is involved in several clubs on campus including Phi Theta Kappa and Tutor Club.  He plans to become more visible and involved on campus.

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