In Case You Missed It! – Richard J. White ’96

February 2nd, 2016 Posted in In Case You Missed It
Editor’s Note: Richard J. White 96’s article was originally run in the fall/winter 2003 edition of The Spartan.


By Richard J. White, MA – 1996 graduate
Therapist at Central Virginia Community Services

I attended Cayuga Community College from 1993 until 1996 at the age of 18. At that time … I was ignorant about many facets of lie … and lacked motivation to excel … Cayuga was the first of many stepping stones … it allowed me the opportunity to improve my knowledge and level of education, which opened doors to higher levels of education later in life. The professors were challenging and supportive…

Attending CCC puts less of an economic burden on students as opposed to regular four-year colleges. Attending at the community level also allows the student … to determine what field he/she wishes to specialize in. The benefit of this option is that it does not financially tax the individual for enrolling in classes only to realize one third of the way through that this is not the field the student wishes to specialize in. Cayuga was the beginning of growth for me and allowed me the opportunity to push forward in my career. I have currently finished my master’s degree in professional counseling and will begin working towards licensure in the state of Virginia – and possibly begin my doctorate in clinical psychology. (In case you are wondering … I originally started out in the field of chemistry and mathematics.)

I would like to take the time to thank the following professors for putting the energy into “pushing me” towards my potential: Professor Janet Correll for aspiring me to continue with practice in the area of music; Dr. Maryanne Felter for tearing apart my papers and for helping me to put them back together properly; Professor Donald Sanzotta for pointing me in the right direction; and John Battle, academic advisor, for encouraging and helping me with choosing the right classes … I would also like to thank James Gant and Tom Kuncle who, at the time, were track coaches, for their time to help me improve “in shot” in spite of the fact that I was terrible in this area. Their efforts, if anything, helped my self-worth more than my athleticism.

My advice for students who are not sure where to go in their life … is that they consider the community level first before wasting time and finances … Students … consider Cayuga Community College as an option for you academic pursuits! Consider the “best of studies” at Cayuga Community College!

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