CCC Alum Named Commissioner of Southeastern Conference

August 11th, 2015 Posted in Alumni News & Events

SANKEY-3Gregory A. Sankey ’85 was officially named the eighth commissioner of the Southeastern Conference this past spring. The promotion was expected, as he has served as Commissioner Slive’s right hand man since 2002. Mr. Sankey has been overseeing the SEC office’s day-to-day operations since March 2012, when he was named the league’s #2 executive behind Mike Slive. He was the commissioner of the Southland Conference for nearly seven years before joining the SEC in 2002, and was hired by the SEC three months after Slive to assist the league in improving its reputation as an NCAA rules violator. Greg Sankey spent much of the past ten years by Slive’s side as he worked with SEC coaches, athletic directors and others across the league; he has already earned the trust and respect of many of the league’s key players.

As a native of Auburn, Gregory Sankey earned his bachelor’s degree in education at SUNY Cortland and his master’s in education from Syracuse University. He has remained active over the years, running in more than 40 marathons while working at the SEC offices in Birmingham. At one point, he had run one marathon each month for a whole year.

You can find Sankey’s favorite quote on his Facebook profile: “I will prepare myself and then, perhaps, my chance will come. – John Wooden”

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G. Sankey



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