Veteran’s Day Poem Contest

November 10th, 2014 Posted in Fulton Campus News

A poetry contest was held for CCC Fulton Campus students with a Veterans Day theme. The grand prize winner had the privilege of reading their poem at the Honoring the Veterans Ceremony in Fulton. The winner was Samantha Dawley:

I’m Living Red, White, and Blue

I stand here where I am free

Because veterans fought for me

The young, the old, the dead, and the alive,

All of them matter in my eyes

We can’t forget what brave people did

To be here today

The way that we live

I want to take a second and thank you all

Because of you

I stand tall

You fought for your country

To make it right

You face your fears with all your might

And because of all the veterans did what they use to do

I’m living red, white, and blue


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