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CCC Fulton Campus: Nurturing Oswego County Learners for 20 Years

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Members of the 20th Anniversary Committee are from left, Sgt. Ralph Stacy, Jr. ’97, JoAnn Harris ’95, Judy Campanella ’78, Joyce Crandall ’02, Sue Witmer ’90, and Misty Digaetano ’01.  Not pictured are Pat McCurdy and Louise Wilson ’72.

Members of the 20th Anniversary Committee are from left: Sgt. Ralph Stacy, Jr. ’97, JoAnn Harris ’95, Judy Campanella ’78, Joyce Crandall ’02, Sue Witmer ’90, and Misty DiGetano ’01. Not pictured are Pat McCurdy and Louise Wilson ’72.

Cayuga Community College saw the need for community college services in Oswego County.    In the spring of 1994, after five years of study, the decision was made to create The Fulton Extension Site of CCC.   The College opened with 94 students enrolled in two rented classrooms in the basement of the Fulton Education Center in downtown Fulton.  After outgrowing that facility in just 6 months, it was moved into the former Holy Family School building on West Third Street, Fulton that summer.  In 1996, SUNY approved the Extension Center designation.

As part of the College’s Facilities Master Plan, 50,000 square feet of space was leased in a vacant discount department store and a new home for the Fulton site was designed.  The central feature was an innovative Learning Commons that combined the Library, Academic Support Center, and open Computing Lab.  Each would have about 60 stations with the open design allowing the space to “flex” to meet varying needs.  Construction began in 2000 and a groundbreaking was held at 806 W. Broadway on the new Fulton Center.  By the next year, the Fulton Center moved to the new facility.

In 2004, to accommodate the increasing student enrollment, 5,000 feet of unfinished space within the Fulton Center was renovated that added four classrooms and seven offices.

Growth continued, and in 2006 SUNY approved Branch Campus status educating more than 1,000 students and offering complete degree programs on site.

In spring 2011, Cayuga County approved the purchase of the former P&C Foods building in Fulton’s River Glen Plaza as well as 45 adjacent acres.  Kick off for construction was held in December, and the new Fulton Campus at River Glen Plaza was opened to students by fall 2012.

Currently there are close to 140 employees on the Fulton campus and approximately 23 are alumni.

Letter from the Editor

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Mary Kriever with Louise Wilson on the Alumni Association trip to Gettysburg PA in September 2013.

Mary Kriever with Louise Wilson on the Alumni Association trip to Gettysburg PA in September 2013.

Since there have been many State-of-the-College addresses lately, I wanted to take this opportunity to present a State-of-the- Alumni Office update.

When the CCC Foundation presented a production of “A Change ‘Gon Come” in November, we didn’t know how prophetic that would be.  As you, our readers, are aware, our College has fallen upon some difficult times over the past year.  Most of the problems are due to financial shortfalls.  Many changes have been made, including the hiring of a new interim president, Dr. Gregory DeCinque. (See the December 2013 Get Inspired for our feature story on Dr. DeCinque.)

Changes have also come to our alumni office and Foundation staff.  The position of Alumni Office Assistant has been cut; and I am sorry to report that Mary Kriever ’08, who has been my right hand, colleague and friend, is no longer a part of our team.  Many of you know or have worked with Mary to sign up for trips, work on articles or biographies for The Spartan or this publication, or just stopped into our office to say “hello.”  I can’t tell you what a pleasure it has been for me to come to work each day to what has been known as “the happy office.”  Mary shared my passion for all things alumni and my vision for our office and association.  Mary was my co-editor for our publications; and though her last day was in December, she was very instrumental in this edition of Get Inspired.  She administered our ACC/CCC Alumni Assoc. Facebook page, so please be patient while we try to continue her tradition of adding content on a regular basis. Mary also handled making updates and name changes in our alumni database; so again, we ask for your patience.

We also said goodbye to another of our Foundation staff members, Martha MacKay. Marty had a stellar 36-year history with the College and Foundation having been a College Trustee, a member of the Foundation Board of Directors, an interim Foundation Executive Director twice and the Associate Director of Development.  Though you may not have seen her, she was a driving force behind the scenes for just about every Foundation function or event.  She was responsible for bringing to campus for our enrichment the performance of “Othello” by the Aquila Theatre Company, sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts; the musical spoof “Forbidden Broadway: Special Victims Unit;” and Ed Asner as “FDR,” among others.

Thank you is not adequate for what Marty and Mary have given us, but they know what they have meant to us and know we wish them well.

Though we lost two staff members, we officially gained two. Effective January 1, CCC Foundation’s Executive Director Jeffrey Hoffman and his Administrative Assistant Carol MacKenzie ’74 are no longer College employees working for the Foundation; they are now Foundation employees.  Jeff has run the Foundation office since 2005 and has nearly 30 years of fundraising experience.  Carol, an 18-year College employee, has been the glue that has held the office together with professionalism and knowledge of all things Foundation.

Our governing body, the CCC Foundation, is working to restructure our department in keeping with the current situations we have to work through.  We anticipate more changes over the coming months, but want you to remember that the ACC/CCC Alumni Association, your alumni association, will do all it can to assure smooth transitions.

There has been a Director of Alumni Affairs in place for 27 years.  I have always been pleased to say that the first director was my cousin, Virginia Iocolano, and I am extremely proud to carry on the work she began in 1986.  The ACC/CCC Alumni Association has been in existence for 55 years and whatever changes occur, the goal is to continue to have one of the most respected alumni associations in the SUNY system…with a little help from our friends!

With warmest regards,

Louise Wilson ’72
Director of Alumni Affairs
Editor, Get Inspired

55 Years Ago…

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55 Years LogoAlaska is admitted as the 49th U.S. state, Walt Disney releases Sleeping Beauty.  February 3 is the day the music died, when Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper are killed in a plane crash in Clear Lake, Iowa. Lee Petty wins the first Daytona 500, and Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida opens it gates.

NASA announces its selection of the “Mercury Seven”, who become the first U.S. Astronauts.* The St. Lawrence Seaway opens to shipping.  Hawaii is admitted as the 50th U.S. state.  Rod Serling’s,** The Twilight Zone, premieres on CBS.  MGM’s widescreen, Technicolor version of Ben-Hur is released.

Those were some of the 1959 headlines you might have read (if you were born yet), when the Auburn Community College Alumni Association came to be.  The average cost of a new house was $12,400, average yearly wages were $5,010, and a gallon of gas cost 25 cents, a movie ticket $1.00, a loaf of bread 20 cents.

Fidel Castro comes to power; the Barbie doll is launched and the first known human with HIV dies in Congo.  Inventions in 1959 include the Microchip, Etch A Sketch, the Lunar Probe and the Computer Modem.

Auburn CC made history in 1959, when the Auburn Community College Alumni Association was established to promote and advance the interests of the College, its students and alumni.  The association was reorganized and incorporated in 1980 and renamed the Auburn/Cayuga Community College Alumni Association.

The first Alumni Director was named in 1987.  Since that time, five directors have served the association: Virginia Iocolano, Mickey Lord, Elisabeth Hurley, Nancy Ranieri and Louise Wilson. The association’s activities and function in general are supported as part of the administrative structure of the College Foundation’s annual fund drive and from various activities sponsored by the Alumni Association.

The Alumni Association is governed by a board of directors who may serve three-year terms. Meetings occur on the second Tuesday of each month, September through May, with elections held at the annual meeting in September. An alumni board member and an alum from the general membership serve as liaisons to the CCC Foundation. The Director of Alumni Affairs is an ex officio member of the board and its various committees.

All these years later our mission remains the same:  To promote and enhance relations among the alumni, the College community and the community at large.

*Can you name the Mercury Seven?  Wally Schirra, Deke Slayton, John Glenn, Scott Carpenter, Alan Shepard, Gus Grissom and Gordon Cooper Jr.

** Rod Serling visited Auburn Community College to lecture and even spoke to some classes.

In Case You Missed It – Joseph Belth

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Joseph Belth, Ph.D was originally run in the spring/summer 2012 edition of The Spartan


Joseph Belth - NowDr. Joseph M. “Joe” Belth ’58 responded to our invitation to “Golden Spartans” to share his story.  Belth was briefly profiled in our Fall/Winter 2010 issue under the caption, “What Alumni Have Done with their Degrees.”

From an expanded biography, we learned that Joe was born and raised in Syracuse, NY.  He married Marjorie Lavine in 1955 and decided to attend ACC because of its affordable tuition and proximity.  Joe transferred credits to Syracuse University and graduated summa cum laude from ACC and SU’s College of Business Administration the same year.  With a fellowship from the S.S. Huebner Foundation for Insurance Education, Joe graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in 1961 with a Ph.D. in Applied Economics with a concentration in insurance.  In 1962, he joined the faculty of the School of Business (now the Kelley School of Business) at Indiana University, Bloomington, and retired in 1993 as professor emeritus of insurance.

Active in the American Risk and Insurance Association (ARIA), Belth wrote books on the subject of life insurance and had numerous award-winning articles published in academic journals.  He taught and conducted extensive research on deceptive sales practices in the life insurance industry (considered controversial by insurance practitioners at that time).  After encountering censorship from trade journals and professional organizations, he began publishing a monthly independent newsletter in 1974 – The Insurance Forum – which is now in its 39th year.

Belth received significant accolades for his work.  In 1966, for “outstanding contribution to the literature of insurance,” Joe received an Elizur Wright Award from ARIA for his book, Participating Life Insurance Sold by Stock Companies.  In 1991, for “intensive scrutiny of the insurance industry since 1974,” The Insurance Forum received a George Polk Award [in the special publications category], which is one of the most coveted in journalism.  In 1999, “in recognition of distinguished service to education and professionalism,” Joe received a Huebner Gold Medal from The American College.  He has been profiled in three national publications – The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, and The New York Times – and is listed in Who’s Who in America.

Joseph Belth - Then 1958In 1974, Belth was invited to be commencement speaker at ACC, the first alum so honored.  In his address, Joe asked students to consider their responsibilities to society.  Retired now for 18 years, he and his wife continue to live in their home outside Bloomington, Indiana.  They have three children, four grandchildren and one step-grandchild.

An Internet search provided, in the words of the late Paul Harvey, “the rest of the story.”  We discovered that Belth’s name is almost synonymous with life insurance.  Nationally recognized as one of the foremost authorities and one of the most respected critics of the industry, he has testified before congressional subcommittees and regulatory commissions since the early ’70s.  Joe has been extolled and criticized by colleagues, life insurance executives, and regulators alike.  He has witnessed the life insurance industry’s sales practices scandals of the 1990s and the failure of several insurance companies and has remained a steadfast advocate for the average consumer.  Over the years, Joe has been quoted extensively by national media and his name continues to appear in the press.  Enter the name “Joseph M. Belth” into any search engine and see what you get.  Pretty impressive.

Finally, we wish to extend our thanks to Dr. Belth for continuing to remember his alma mater.  In 1974, he established an award in memory of his parents, Irving and Helen Belth, which to this day recognizes a graduate for both outstanding scholarship and student citizenship.

ACC/CCC Alumni Association Accepting Scholarship Applications

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The Auburn/Cayuga Community College Alumni Association is accepting applications for its Alumni Scholarships.  They are offered to eligible students who meet the applicable criteria for each scholarship and submit the required paperwork.  Scholarships being offered for the 2014-2015 academic year include:

  • Freshman Student – Available to high school seniors who are the child or grandchild of an ACC/CCC graduate.
  • Returning Sophomore Student – For a returning sophomore student attending college on a full-time basis for a second year.
  • Nontraditional Student – For a candidate who is nontraditionally aged (male or female adult 24 years of age or older) enrolled for a minimum of six (6) credit hours per semester who is looking to upgrade skills or start a new career.

In addition, the following commencement award is being offered for May 2014:

  • Graduating Transfer Student – For a graduating student who will be transferring to a four-year school.

Application forms list guidelines, eligibility and submission requirements and are available from the ACC/CCC Alumni Association, the CCC Financial Aid Office, the Cayuga County Community College Foundation, or on the College website.

Deadline for submission is March 31, 2014.  For more information, contact Louise in the Alumni Office at

315-255-1743 extension 2224 or in room M238 on the Auburn campus, or Amanda at 315-592-4143 extension 3089 or room F106 on the Fulton campus.

Alumni Set to Rock and Roll

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Rock and Roll 2014 Poster

Let’s Celebrate – Again!

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Hard to believe it has been ten years since we took this photo in 2004, so it’s time to create another nostalgic moment.  The CCC Fulton’s 20th Anniversary committee is planning to commemorate another milestone.  Special guests are being invited to speak at an event planned for Wednesday, April 23 at 11:00 in the lobby of the Fulton Campus at River Glen.  A trivia contest will be held with a special prize for the winner, and cake will be served.

Fulton 10 Year Cake 2004

Delta Chi Omega

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Delta Chi Omega


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spring 2014Toastmasters ad.indd

They Joined the Red Challenge!

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Staff and faculty members on both campuses joined the challenge to Go Red.  The American Heart Association in conjunction with “Go Red for Women”, wanted to share the facts about women and heart disease.  It is the No. 1 killer of women, taking the life of 1 in 3 women each year.  The Heart Association wants to spread the word and raise awareness.  Groups and organizations were urged to take a picture of their group and post the photo to https://www.goredforwomen.org/wearredday/challenge.  Both campuses answered the call and more than 75 participated in the photo event.

Wear Red Fulton

Wear Red Auburn

Cayuga Nursing Students Excel

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Cayuga Community College has announced the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX) score of its 2013 nursing class. The most recent graduates of the school’s two-year associate in applied science degree achieved a 100 percent pass rate—the program’s third consecutive.

As Cayuga’s nursing graduates have consistently done, the 2013 class surpassed the state and national average pass rates by 22 points and 17 points, respectively. The school’s five-year pass rate is a notable 98 percent.

“The performance of our graduates on the NCLEX is a tribute to the unwavering commitment to excellence that is embraced daily by the faculty and staff of Cayuga Community College,” said Professor and Director of Nursing Linda Alfieri, MS, RN. “As well, it gives clear and decisive evidence to the dedication and hard work put forth by all of our students as they work to prepare for a career or continued education in nursing.”

Another impressive statistic is the placement percentage for the 2013 graduates. Eighty-eight percent were hired for nursing positions and 12 percent were accepted into a four-year bachelor of science in nursing program for a final placement total of 100 percent.

Cayuga’s program, which currently enrolls 100 students, attracts a diverse group of individuals including recent high school graduates, “empty-nester” parents looking to return to the marketplace and displaced workers looking for a second career. For further information about the program, Linda Alfieri welcomes calls at 315-294-8684 and emails at alfieri@cayugacc.edu.

Linda Alfieri addresses the nursing class of 2013.

Linda Alfieri addresses the nursing class of 2013.

Athletics Updates

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CCC Men’s Bowling Region III Runner-up

CCC Bowling TeamThe Cayuga Spartan men’s bowling team moved their record to an impressive 46-10 on the season. This ranks them 58th in the country for men’s collegiate bowling in the USBC. They achieved these heights by their recent 2nd place finish in the NJCAA Region 3 team championships held at AMF Lanes in Utica. This is the best finish in the school’s short bowling history. Cayuga was led by standout Alex DiGenaro, who shot 1577 for the all events total…which earned him a berth on the All-Region team…another first for the College.

The short-handed Spartan Women’s bowling team gave a good showing placing 4th at the Regionals. They were led by sophomore Mary Townley, who was placed on the women’s All-Region team. This final showing qualified Townley, Beth Piston and Deanne Connolly for the USBC Singles sectionals in Allentown, PA against the top 300 women collegiate bowlers in the country. Both Spartan teams will be bowling in the NJCAA Nationals at Thruway Lanes in Buffalo on Feb 28th and March 1st.  The Spartans are coached by Head Coach Steve Spinney and Assistant Coaches Christine Nichols and Nancy Spinney.

Men’s Hoops

CCC HoopsThe Spartan men’s basketball team won an overtime thriller over rival Onondaga on February 25 in Spartan Hall to advance in the NJCAA Region III Tournament. After Onondaga scored the first 4 points in OT…Cayuga scored 11 straight points to win by the final of 85-78. The Spartans were led by freshman Zaki Thomas (Paterson, NJ) who led all scorers with 25 points. Thomas also added 11 rebounds and had 3 steals. Sophomore Glenn Taggart (Fairport, NY) added 19 points and had 5 assists. Mike Guity (Syracuse, NY) chipped in with 18 points and had 3 blocked shots.

Visit www.cayugaspartans.com for the latest on Cayuga sports.