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Nostalgia Photos – December 2012

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1975 Nostalgia

Founders Day 2012

Alumni Voices

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The ACC/CCC Alumni Association, in conjunction Sheila Myers of the CCC Experiential Learning Initiatives held its second “Alumni Voices” event on November 7th.  The partnered affair was well received by students, faculty and staff.  The informal panel discussion topic was “What I Did with My Degree,” and featured two distinguished alumni, Barbara Roesch ’79 and Joshua Cradduck ’07.

Barbara is a Court Attorney for the honorable Dennis F. Bender, Seneca County Court Judge.  She is the matrimonial referee for Seneca County, conducting contested divorce settlement and oversees residential mortgage foreclosure settlement conferences.  Following her graduation from CCC, Barbara transferred to SU where she received her B.S. in Business Administration – Marketing.  She then attended Albany Law School, procuring her J.D. in 1983.  Barbara has given talks on many legal subjects to New York Court Systems personnel.  She has also spoken on mortgage foreclosures for the Monroe County Bar Association and on Family Law issues for the National Business Institute.

Barbara is a former Geneva City Council member, and is currently on the Geneva City School District Board and the Geneva Lakefront Childcare Center Board.

Joshua Cradduck ’07 is the Senior Assignment Editor for WYNN Channel 10 in Syracuse, NY.  Following his graduation from Ithaca College in 2008, where he earned his B.S. in Television Radio, he began working at YNN in Syracuse.  YNN is Time Warner Cable’s 24/7 regional news channel for New York’s Central, Northern and Southern Tier areas.  Josh was recently promoted and is in charge of the daily operations of the Assignment Desk; which assigns stories and breaking news to reporters and photographers.

He felt that his time at CCC afforded him many opportunities.  His experiences included editing the school newspaper, disc jockey on the college radio station, participating in numerous community TV show tapings, along with internship opportunities.

Josh was recently elected as 2nd Vice President of the Syracuse Press Club.

The speakers shared personal experiences, gave advice, and spoke about how their tie to ACC/CCC contributed to their careers and the choices they made.  Barbara recalled how her early career aspirations changed over time.  She encouraged students not limit themselves and that anything is attainable.  Josh suggested that student take advantage of Speech and Public Speaking courses.  He shared that they have been invaluable to him for job interviews and interacting with others.  Cradduck also suggested that students get involved in campus clubs and activities.

The goal of the Alumni Voices program is to provide a forum in which alumni speak to students and guests about various topics including career goals and aspirations.  They share their time at Cayuga and the experiences along the way that helped them with their career choices.  The program allows for student to interact with the guest speakers, ask questions and seek advice.

Antique Appraisal Fair

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The Alumni Association held its 10th annual Antique Appraisal Fair on October 14th.  It took place in the Nature Center Building on the Auburn Campus, where three professionals were on hand to make appraisals. Robert Chilson of Purple Monkey Antiques in Weedsport, Danna DeVaul an Estate Broker in Cazenovia, and Richard Cargill, who specializes in sports memorabilia, coins and stamps, valued the antiques.  A wide variety of treasures were brought in by over 70 individuals.   One of the interesting items brought in was a Civil War era vacuum cleaner.  Several board members, including committee chair Lori Cochran, were on hand to help out at the event.  All proceeds fund the Association’s programs and services.

Domestic Violence Awareness

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Students, faculty and staff participated in “Turn the State Purple” day, October 17. On the Auburn campus, the Criminal Justice Club held the event to show support for the victims of domestic violence. A fundraiser was held, and proceeds went to the Cayuga County Domestic Violence Intervention Program.

Falcone Lecturer

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Foundation and Alumni Staff members with Yvonne Conte. From left: Mary Kriever, Louise Wilson, Yvonne, Marty MacKay and Carol MacKenzie.

Did you know that 20 seconds of belly laughter equals 3 minutes of strenuous rowing?  Or, that laughter promotes productivity and builds confidence?  Internationally renowned motivational speaker, author and humorist, Yvonne Conte, brought down the house with laughter Thursday, November 8.  The Cayuga Community College Foundation presented the Noreen and Michael J. Falcone Lecturer to a packed crowd in the Cayuga Café.

Yvonne is a sought after motivational keynote speaker for conferences, conventions, and company training; including Fortune 500 companies.  Conte is a radio and TV personality and best-selling author.

Conte shared the “Positive Power of Humor,” which ranges from physical responses such as lower blood pressure and promotion of good health, to stimulating creativity and encouraging teamwork.  Her unique ability to relate personal stories was evident by the roars of laughter from the audience.  Her advice on how to “De-Stress The Mess” came at the perfect time for the pre-holiday crowd.

Of the six books she has written, her latest, “Cry, Laugh, Cook” included cookie recipes that have been passed down by generations of her family members.  The author was touched by effort made by the Foundation staff to have some of these cookies baked to be shared with the audience.

The combination of humor, cookies and camaraderie made the event an enjoyable evening for all in attendance.  This lecture was open to the public and free of charge.

In Case You Missed It!

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Jerimy G. Blowers, PhD, LMHC, NCC, CAS, CGAS ’93
Originally run in Spartan’s Fall/Winter 2011 issue

One excellent example of the positive correlation between participating in Judo and achieving success can be seen with Dr. Jerimy Blowers. From his impressive credentials, distinguished employment record, noteworthy honor and award collection, to his inspiring dedication to teaching and research, Jerimy Blowers is the epitome of success.

After receipt of his associate of science degree (summa cum laude) from CCC, Jerimy went on to receive his bachelor’s from SUNY Plattsburgh in 1995, his master’s from SUNY Plattsburgh in 1997, and his doctorate (Ph.D.) in 2007 from Northcentral University, in Arizona. His credentials include Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), Certified National Counselor (NCC), Certified Addiction Specialist (CAS) and Certified Gambling Addiction Specialist (CGAS). He has also completed certification training in several other areas.

Dr. Blowers has received honors and awards, including NY State Student Affairs Award for Outstanding Substance Abuse Prevention Program in 2009, and Student Affairs Vision Award for Excellence in Campus-Community Service in 2008, to name a few. He is currently assistant professor, School of Health Management at A.T. Still University in Kirksville, MO, College of Osteopathic Medicine, and is an adjunct professor and course developer in the Health Science Program for South University, Pittsburgh, PA’s Online Health Science Program. He has also taught at SUNY Plattsburgh, first as a term adjunct lecturer, then as Director of Health Education Services, and has held other positions in higher education and community intervention for the past 14 years.

This past February, Blowers wrote to CCC President Larson and the Board of Trustees to provide a “testament to Cayuga Community College” and the positive influence it has had on his life. In this inspirational letter, Jerimy shared that the faculty at Cayuga made the difference in both his academic and personal endeavors. He felt empowered in understanding that achieving excellence was within his grasp. The professionalism of the stellar classroom educators who took the time to listen and offer sound advice helped him to become “well prepared” to continue on to a four-year institution.

In addition to his education, Jerimy said that he was fortunate to be introduced to Judo and has practiced martial arts for many years (earning his Black Belt in Ju Jitsu and now holding a senior rank in Judo). Blowers believed that Judo became an important extension of lessons learned in the classroom, and that “discipline, persistence in the face of challenges, and sense of community are values that persist in me to this very day.” His research interest rests in the application of prevention science to improve the lives of individuals and promote community health. This can be seen in his dissertation: ‘Impact of an After-school Martial Arts Program on At-risk Students.’

After 15 years of living and working in another region, Dr. Blowers’ first stop when visiting the Auburn area in the summer of 2010 was CCC where he immediately signed up for Judo and paid his respects to college personnel. In his personal time, he enjoys studying the martial arts of Judo and Ju Jitsu, learning new languages (he is presently studying Chinese, German and Japanese), and volunteering for various charities. Though entering CCC as a “rather reserved young man with no clear direction or goals,” with the encouragement of the faculty and the discipline of Judo, he “left as a lifelong learner focused on achieving success in my field.”

December 2012 update:

Dr. Blowers was recently appointed as the new Director of the Academy for Academic Excellence and Student Success at New York Chiropractic College. He and his wife Suzanne have become the proud parents of their second child, Shea Alexander, born March 3.

New York City Trip Recap

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The Alumni Association travel committee put a new twist on an old favorite.  For the past few years the group has stayed in the midtown section of Manhattan.  This year, we explored an area many participants have not spent that much time in – Greenwich Village.  Our hotel was located across the street from Washington Square Park in the heart of “the Village”.  Many commented that they enjoyed staying in a place where people actually lived and worked.  It offered a different view of the city, one rarely experienced on this trip, and midtown was an easy subway ride away.

Less than two weeks before our scheduled departure, Hurricane Sandy brought devastation to much of Manhattan and surrounding areas.  Some on this sold out trip, questioned whether the city would be able to rebound before we arrived.  However, NY showed the resiliency it is known for, and were met friendly people and staff, not to mention the perfect weather.

Holiday Message

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De-Stress During the Holidays

Ease Up

Last year was crazed. I was going home for the first time in three years, and throwing my first dinner party for 20-plus. To save my time and sanity, I did all my shopping on-line and had everything shipped to my parents’ house. At the same time, I bought a few gifts for myself (like Philosophy’s Message in a Bottle bubble bath), scanned the Web for recipes, and used for the dinner-party invitations. This year will be another Internet happy holiday!
Serena Yuen
Chicago, Illinois

I de-stress during the holidays by hiring a service to clean my house from top to bottom the first week in December. I entertain frequently, and knowing that the house is ready for visitors is pure heaven. I can then concentrate on other things, like having fun.
Kristin Hubbard
Lynchburg, Virginia

Planning Ahead

Most people will roll their eyes when I say this, but I try to get all my shopping done before Thanksgiving, except for small gifts like stocking stuffers. I managed to do this last year and was amazed at how I got to enjoy the holiday season without stressing about how I was going to fit shopping time in around work.
Meghan Pruitt
Burlington, Vermont

Holiday greeting cardsMy husband’s large extended family of eight brothers and sisters makes it financially implausible to give gifts to everyone. Instead, I make and freeze sugar-cookie dough in early November and bake cookies for all the children and my coworkers. For the adults, I start a whiskey cordial in midfall that takes six weeks to cure, so it’s ready by the holiday season. My husband and I either set a dollar limit of $100 to spend on each other or save up to buy one gift together for our house (this year it’s a Stickley dining-room table and chairs). Planning ahead and simplifying creates more time to share the holidays with family and friends.
Deanna Rasch
Fairview Park, Ohio

Stay organized and plan ahead. If you can be ready for drop-in guests and last-minute gifts, you will enjoy this time of the year without being so stressed. I keep Christmas music and eggnog ready for friends and for a moment alone. I also keep an expandable file on hand with sections to hold Christmas-card lists, stamps, cards, a Christmas buying list, receipts, and a holiday grocery list.
Tamera Richard
Newport Beach, California

Practicing New and Old Traditions

I find that doing something for others, whether it’s serving a holiday meal at a homeless shelter or contributing to a clothing drive, puts the mad rush of the holidays in perspective for me.
Lisa Clarke
New York, New York

When I feel the holidays getting to me, I take time to sit with my two boys (age four and six) to talk about the meaning of the season. It helps ground all of us during a time of overload. All too soon, they won’t be so happy to sit and talk to Mom about such things. But for now they love it, and so do I.
Jami Piraino
Schuylerville, New York

Long ago I started to save gift tags that were special to me―for example, the tag from a gift my father gave each of his children the year he became a recovering alcoholic. And the tag that my nephew, who was just learning to spell, wrote for me, misspelling my name. And the ones from our only child, Adam, who writes “To Mom, From Adam,” although I know it’s from him if it’s addressed to “Mom.” And, finally, the tags where he makes up aliases to make it interesting. I tuck these in with the blank gift tags and wrapping paper that I’ll use the next year. Then, when the following season rolls around, I relive those memories of holidays past.
Lynn Kiesling
Annandale, Minnesota

I settle down on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and a bowl of popcorn to watch the old holiday classics: How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town. Watching old cartoons helps me remember the Christmases of the past and makes me laugh.
Shanna Robertson
Manchester, New Hampshire

It seems like everything shifts into high gear during the holidays. Our family sets aside one evening during December to enjoy a night out downtown. We have dinner, see the lights, listen to downtown carolers, browse the Christmas section in the bookstore, and even visit Santa Claus. I love that night with my husband and daughters. It makes the season brighter for all of us.
Annie Dow
Salt Lake City, Utah

My golden rule for the holidays is “Less is more.” Rather than having a long list of must-do holiday tasks and feeling disappointed if they don’t all get done, I try to think of holiday activities as “time treats” and do as many as my schedule that year allows. Last year our daughter was six months old and we concentrated on enjoying her first Christmas. Many hours were spent under our Christmas tree watching her drool on the bows. So I didn’t have time to handcraft a wreath or make 12 kinds of cookies. I bought a wreath from a fundraiser, made my two favorite cookies, and got over it.
K. Vice
Healdsburg, California

I walk. One Christmas my aunt came to stay with us for the holidays. She and I got all bundled up in scarves, hats, and gloves and walked for miles, past homes with colored lights and churches with lit nativity scenes, enjoying conversation and the quiet scenery. Now I try to do that walk each year. It reminds me of the simple beauty of the holidays and brings me closer to my favorite aunt.
Jen Horton
Evansville, Indiana

I come from a large family that has splintered into my six siblings and their families. My husband has remarried parents and extended families on both sides. All our relatives want to see us for the holidays, which would take a miracle for us to accomplish. So how do we make sense out of all of this? We divide up our visits throughout the year. We visit the families with children during the summer. For Thanksgiving we alternate between my parents’ and my husband’s parents’ houses. Christmas is reserved for our family only. As for presents, we forgo gift swapping and send presents to the youngest children of our immediate family only. It is a time-honored tradition that has helped keep everyone in the true holiday spirit.
Delores Anderson-Krakoff
Los Angeles, California

A Thanksgiving of gratefulness can mean a simple buffet dinner at a local restaurant. A Christmas of renewed hope can mean just two kinds of Christmas cookies. We must make our own traditions by tailoring family customs to our personalities and schedules. If you feel resentful and stressed about a tradition, stop doing it. Your family might be shocked when you start making changes, but do it without guilt, because they’ll see how much calmer you become.
Mary E. Luesley
Atlanta, Georgia

I think I should take lessons from my husband and just stop once in a while. I have a collection of holiday photos of him―13 years of sleeping on the couch. My own photos depict a crazed, red-eyed grump, surrounded by a cheerful, rumpled family. Holidays are such a complete whirlwind of activity for us moms. Before we know it, we’ve worked ourselves into complete panic mode, all the while worrying if the tablecloth matches the Christmas tree. But all that really matters is that we be thankful for our lives.
Pam Acton
Scotch Creek, British Columbia

I have five loving woman friends with whom I meet on a regular basis. Last year we decided to make our holiday gathering a more relaxing one by hiring a masseuse to come to one of our homes. The one-hour massages took place in a quiet part of the house while the rest of us sat by the fire in our robes, listening to soothing music, eating light snacks, and drinking tea. We came off the massage table feeling pampered and relaxed, and I even spent the night so I wouldn’t have to drive. It was a wonderful gift to give to ourselves and to share with one another, and we didn’t have to leave town, spend a small fortune, or feel guilty about it.
Donna Carrigg
Elk Grove, California

Taking Time for Yourself

Sometimes I go to church during holiday choir practice, sit alone in the back pew, and listen to the beautiful and spiritual music. It is so uplifting.
Meachie Morgan-Mba
Seattle, Washington

Since shopping is stressful during the holiday season, I try to buy myself something small―a Godiva candy bar, a candle, or new pajamas. It makes carrying all those other purchases a little easier.
Kathy Almonte
North Scituate, Rhode Island

After everyone else has headed to bed, I fix myself something to sip and turn off all the lights except the ones on the Christmas tree. Often the embers are still glowing in the fireplace and my Christmas village lights are twinkling across the room. I curl up on the couch with an afghan and savor the magical effect and quiet beauty of the moment.
Diane Fromond
Raleigh, North Carolina

My family gets together from all parts of the world for Christmas. It’s wonderful, but it’s also very stressful. I make sure that every day I take some time for myself to go for a walk or do some knitting. Afterward I always feel refreshed and ready to socialize.
Lareina Abbott
Calgary, Alberta

The best Christmas my husband and I ever had was when we booked a last-minute charter to Cancun, Mexico, and pinched each other on Christmas Day as we lay on the beach with the sun shining on us and the azure waves crashing. No gifts, no hassles, just relaxation at its finest.
Lisa Matkowski
Bristol, Connecticut

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