February 2016 – Cayuga Alumni Voices

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In Case You Missed It! – Richard J. White ’96

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Editor’s Note: Richard J. White 96’s article was originally run in the fall/winter 2003 edition of The Spartan.


By Richard J. White, MA – 1996 graduate
Therapist at Central Virginia Community Services

I attended Cayuga Community College from 1993 until 1996 at the age of 18. At that time … I was ignorant about many facets of lie … and lacked motivation to excel … Cayuga was the first of many stepping stones … it allowed me the opportunity to improve my knowledge and level of education, which opened doors to higher levels of education later in life. The professors were challenging and supportive…

Attending CCC puts less of an economic burden on students as opposed to regular four-year colleges. Attending at the community level also allows the student … to determine what field he/she wishes to specialize in. The benefit of this option is that it does not financially tax the individual for enrolling in classes only to realize one third of the way through that this is not the field the student wishes to specialize in. Cayuga was the beginning of growth for me and allowed me the opportunity to push forward in my career. I have currently finished my master’s degree in professional counseling and will begin working towards licensure in the state of Virginia – and possibly begin my doctorate in clinical psychology. (In case you are wondering … I originally started out in the field of chemistry and mathematics.)

I would like to take the time to thank the following professors for putting the energy into “pushing me” towards my potential: Professor Janet Correll for aspiring me to continue with practice in the area of music; Dr. Maryanne Felter for tearing apart my papers and for helping me to put them back together properly; Professor Donald Sanzotta for pointing me in the right direction; and John Battle, academic advisor, for encouraging and helping me with choosing the right classes … I would also like to thank James Gant and Tom Kuncle who, at the time, were track coaches, for their time to help me improve “in shot” in spite of the fact that I was terrible in this area. Their efforts, if anything, helped my self-worth more than my athleticism.

My advice for students who are not sure where to go in their life … is that they consider the community level first before wasting time and finances … Students … consider Cayuga Community College as an option for you academic pursuits! Consider the “best of studies” at Cayuga Community College!

Holiday Craft Fair Event

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Members of the Alumni Association Board of Directors participated in the 41st annual Holiday Festival Craft Fair in December, where more than 150 vendors, crafters and hobbyists offered handmade items and homemade goodies. The two day event has been a Cayuga Community College Tradition for so long that many of its adult visitors have memories of attending with their parents and grandparents when they were children.

Association Board members sold pizza and bottled water to patrons; with all proceeds from the sales going towards the many programs sponsored by the Association. Entertainment was held throughout the weekend by musician Loren Barrigar, the Lisa Lee Trio, musician and puppeteer Steven Baird, balloon man Louis Paul and “Capt. Jack” Rick Martinez telling Pirate Christmas Stories. The Auburn Players Community Theatre presented “Grinchmas,” featuring a cast of 15 children and three adults dawned in colorful costumes.

Alumni Award Winner Heidi Huddleston Cross ’97 is Recognized

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Heidi Cross 2015 Alumni Winner, Gail Homick Herrling 2012 Alumni WinnerDuring the President’s reception in December, Cayuga Community College President Dr. Brian Durant took time to recognize 2015 Alumni Award Winners, Heidi L. Huddleston Cross, class of 1997. President Durant shared that Heidi graduated from Cayuga’s Nursing Program and she is currently a Nurse Practitioner with Upstate University Hospital and Central New York Surgical Physicians. He explained that Heidi was selected by the Alumni Association for the outstanding contributions she continues to make in her volunteer work and in the field of nursing. She has been recognized by her peers, and has received many honors including Nurse of the Year by the United Ostomy Associations of America (UOAA). Heidi has been a presenter at national and regional conferences for health care professionals and lectures nationally on wound care. Her work has been published in several Journals. In 2009 Cross traveled with an Upstate New York medical team to South Sudan on a mission to teach nursing and wound care to physicians and nurses at the Duk Payuel Lost Boys Clinic.

Dr. Durant recognized Heidi Cross Heidi_and_Gerry

“We would like to recognize Heidi for her exceptional qualities and thank her for the wonderful example she sets to our current student. Her accomplishments are a perfect illustration of what a degree from Cayuga can help you achieve,” said Dr. Durant. Many Alumni Board members, including Board President Gerry Guiney, attended the event and congratulated Heidi on her accomplishments. To read more about Huddleston Cross, check out the fall issue of Spartan online at http://www.cayuga-cc.edu/giving/alumni/spartan-alumni-newsletter/

Alumni Voices – Ryan Campbell ‘10

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Ryan at board2010 Alumnus Ryan Campbell, who has been working on United States flagged commercial fishing vessels in the Bering Sea, North Pacific and the Gulf of Alaska, returned to campus on December 9th to share his North Pacific experiences as part of our Alumni Voices series.

Through a PowerPoint, Mr. Campbell showed the students and faculty gathered for his talk about the area he has worked in for the last several years. Maybe more than appropriate for the GIS Club that sponsored the event, he talked about how the work he does has “…become a science…” with the ability of sensors to let commercial fisherman know how many fish are in a given net.

In vivid detail he explained how several of the ships he has served on are in reality “large food processing” boats. With many on the search for fresh Pollock, the white fish he said “feeds the world”, is what many of us eat when we bite into a McDonald’s fish fillets. He also discussed the competitiveness of the industry, with both China and Japan willing to pay more for fish caught.

He regaled those in attendance with stories about life in the North Pacific from being at sea for days and weeks not seeing any land, to the common sight of what would be rare in the lower 48, an eagle – so common to be called “dumpster chickens,” as they lurk around trash dumpsters to find morsels of food.

Mr. Campbell has lived in both Anchorage and Juno; and being from Central New York, took a car tour of Seward Alaska, named after Auburnian William Seward, who purchased Alaska for the United States. His talk was enlightening, giving the back story of the life of a commercial fisherman that so often is not like that of the Discovery Channel’s “The Deadliest Catch” filmed in nearby Dutch Harbor.

The Association would like to thank GIS Professor Abu Badruddin for arranging this event. Ryan’s father, Professor of Drafting John Campbell provided many of the photos included in this article, and Professor Michael Pacelli ’85 who was also in attendance said of his former student “Ryan was a student in my Biological Principles I course (BIOL 103) for the fall 2007 semester and I remember him well. He was lively and energetic and was very knowledgeable of freshwater fish. His goal was to transfer to SUNY-ESF and he did it!”

Alumni Association Travels to the Big Apple

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In November the Alumni Association traveled to the Big Apple for a weekend, staying at a hotel conveniently located near Times Square. We experienced pleasantly warm weather for November, making it a wonderful time for roaming about the city. On Saturday people on our trip visited the 9/11 Memorial, Freedom Tower, NY Harbor via the Staten Island Ferry, and the historical Trinity Church; among other sites. People enjoyed museums such as MOMA (Modern Museum of Art) and the American Museum of Natural History. Others toured NYC on The Ride, a multimedia bus tour of NYC. Of course, some of our travelers can’t go to NYC without seeing a play. I experienced Jersey Boys while others enjoyed Aladdin and Beautiful (a Carole King musical). On Sunday morning, the hotel provided a complementary hot breakfast in their cozy breakfast room.

Another popular thing to do in NYC is shopping; and judging from the bags when we boarded our motor coach on Sunday afternoon, a lot of shopping was done over the weekend. Some travelers spent their last day at Bryant Park’s Winter Village; a public park with holiday shops, ice skating and many more activities. There is always plenty to do and see in Manhattan, and we are already preparing for next fall’s excursion to NYC, and you are welcome to join us.

~Fred Falsey ’76

2016 Alumni Sponsored Trips

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Click the image below to enlarge.
2016 Trips

Novelis Partners With Cayuga

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NovelisIt was announced in December that Novelis will team with Cayuga Community College’s Fulton campus to launch an Advanced Manufacturing Institute; including an industrial maintenance technician program and an Advanced Laboratory and Training Center.  The program will be funded in part by an $80,000 endowment by Novelis, a world leader in aluminum rolling and recycling. Novelis’ commitment to Cayuga Community College will include a newly developed internship program incorporated into the requirements for the industrial maintenance technician program. Its mission will be to equip students with manufacturing skills to develop a robust talent pool that will be required to fill the many jobs expected to be brought to the Central New York Region. Plant manager at Novelis Oswego, Chris Smith, said that it is anticipated that upwards of 250 operating technician and maintenance technician positions at the Oswego plant will need to be filled over the next five years as a result of growth and anticipated retirements.

“We are grateful to Novelis for this critical investment,” said Brian Durant, President of Cayuga Community College. “Novelis has been a strong partner in our state, and together, the Advanced Manufacturing Institute will benefit our faculty, staff, students, and community for years to come.”


Professor Fama – 50 Years of Teaching at Cayuga

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Editor’s Note: The following article was published in the fall issue of Spartan; we have included an email to Prof. Fama, which received from a former student Jerry Lewicki class of 1970.

Don Fama – 50 Years Teaching at Cayuga

Donald Fama 1966

Donald Fama 1966

This fall, Professor Donald Fama will begin his 51st year teaching at CCC. While he is now teaching part-time, when asked when he will retire completely he shared an analogy of two baseball players; “One went out on top after hitting a home run; the other stayed one more year, which caused his averages to drop.” He said, “As long as I am an effective instructor, I will continue to teach.” Thank you Professor, for your many years of “effective” teaching!

Dear Prof. Fama!

I was looking through the College News for CCC, and came across an article about you completing 50 years of teaching – congratulations!  It is so rare that anything lasts very long but to accomplish this feat is truly remarkable.

Donald Fama 2015

Donald Fama 2015

The younger photo of you is what I recognized immediately since I was a student at then ACC (’68-’70), sitting in your calculus classes.

There are few outstanding people that we remember and you are one of that handful of teachers that I admired.  I can still recall listening to you in class and following your thoughts and examples as you led us through a forest of derivatives and integrals.  I have always been grateful that I had the opportunity to be in your Calculus and Differential Equations classes.  What I learned from you, I was able to apply to Physical Chemistry and other sciences.

There is little chance that you will recall me as a student and that is fine.  I just wanted to let you know that I remembered you and appreciated your gift of teaching.

Jerry Lewicki 1970

Jerry Lewicki 1970

Myself, I completed a MS degree in Synthetic Organic Chemistry (LeMoyne College, Univ. of Rochester) and worked at companies like Xerox and Eastman Kodak.  In the 1990’s, I changed my career to focus on Computer Science and have been a systems analyst working in the pharmaceutical and food industries since then.  At one time, I taught Computer Science (department head) at a community college in Tennessee for about 2 years.  I am still working as a software developer/architect and planning to continue for a while…

It was a pleasant reminder to read about your accomplishment as a teacher and know that you had

Jerry Lewicki 2015

Jerry Lewicki 2015

influenced many like myself to continue the pursuance of learning and sharing.

My best wishes to you on a continued healthy and interesting life…

Warmest regards,
Jerry Lewicki ’70

Lady Spartan’s Basketball

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CCC’s women’s basketball team played their best offensive game on January 14th, leading to a 75-53 victory over Broome Community College. Dontasia Britt (Brooklyn, NY) led a balanced attack with 18 points and 10 rebounds; Maxine Williams (Jamestown, NY) scored 17 points, and had 4 steals; Shaqueria Everson (Syracuse, NY) scored 14 points; and Lakin Mueller (Central Square, NY) added 7 points, pulled down a team high of 15 rebounds, and dished out 4 assists.  In an interview with The Citizen, Coach Jim Alberici said “I thought if we pressured them and we ran on offense, we could wear them down a little bit. I think that’s what happened in the second quarter … We had a nice rotation with the eight girls, and everybody was playing well.”

The next two games were not as successful for the Lady Spartans with a 66-54 loss to Finger Lakes Community College on the 16th and a 66-51 loss after a hard fought game to visiting TC3 on January 20th. The team has 6 more regular season games. To read more about their statistics and schedule, go to: http://www.cayugaspartans.com/sports/wbkb/2015-16/schedule

Women's Basketball Team

Spartan Women’s Basketball 2015-2016 Roster:

Cheyenne Rivenburg, 5’9” Freshman from Little Falls, NY
Najhea Thompson, 5’2” Freshman from Syracuse, NY
Maxine Williams, 5’5” Sophomore from Jamestown, NY
Paola Figueroa, 5’3” Freshman from Romulus, NY
Samatha Relfe, 5’1” Freshman from Port Byron, NY
Shaqueria Everson, 5’11” Sophomore from Syracuse, NY
Spencer Kenney, 5’7” Freshman from Hannibal, NY
Lakin Mueller, 5’7” Sophomore from Central Square, NY
Dontasia Britt, 5’7” Freshman from Brooklyn, NY
Alexis Hill, 5’9” Sophomore from Brooklyn, NY
Kaeleigh Paternoster, 5’9” Freshman from Pulaski, NY

Men’s Spartan Basketball

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The men’s basketball team extended their Region III, Division III winning streak to eight with a big opening Mid-State Athletic Conference win over #2 Corning Community College in January. With a score of 67-62, the Spartans were a half game behind Herkimer for the Region’s best Divisional record.  For the Corning game, Darien Lowe (Amherst, NY) led the way with 15 points and 6 rebounds for the Spartans. Christian Rodriguez and Jordan Curtis (both from Freeport, NY) chipped in 11 and 10 points, respectively. Darien Lowe was named Cayuga CC Male Athlete-of-the-Week for his 26 points and 9 rebounds against Genesee & Corning. The Spartans traveled to Watertown on the 12th where they suffered a loss to Jefferson; and achieved another win when they hosted Broome CC on the 14th. Most recently the team experienced some difficult losses against FLCC, TC3, and OCC. To follow the rest of the season schedules and results follow the Spartans at http://www.cayugaspartans.com/sports/wbkb/2015-16/schedule.

Men's Basketball Team

Spartan’s 2015-2016 Men’s Basketball Team:

Bennito Ayarza, 5’10” Sophomore, Brooklyn, NY
Tim Rouse, 6’1” Freshman, New York, NY
Jay Scarbrough, 5’10” Freshman, Niagara Falls, NY
Darien Lowe, 6’1” Freshman, Amherst, NY
Jordan Curtis, 6’4” Freshman, Freeport, NY
Christaian Rodgriguez, 6’2” Sophomore, Freeport, NY
Trenton Green, 5’11” Freshman, Syracuse, NY
Derric Jordan, 6’6” Sophomore, Buffalo, NY
Andrea Chambers, 6’3” Sophomore, Harlem, NY
Mike Viscardi, 6’6” Sophomore, Auburn, NY
John Bell, 6’6” Freshman, Auburn, NY

Theatre Association of New York State Holds Festival at CCC

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Cayuga Hosts Theatre FestivalFeaturing seven plays and five workshops, Cayuga Community College once again played host to the TANYS in November. Cayuga’s central location makes it an ideal setting for the Theatre Association of New York’s festival; a nonprofit representing community theater groups throughout New York. Cayuga Community College Foundation helped to sponsor the festival. The event also included fundraising activities such as a TANYS merchandise sale, a used theater books and scripts sale and a silent auction.

Technical Director for TANYS, Bob Frame whose association goes back to his college theater days at Oswego State, is also the director of theater operations at CCC. Throughout the festival he had a crew of stage hands and tech people that aide each visiting theater company and their crews.

Advanced Manufacturing Institute & Plastics Technology Lab Ribbon Cutting

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Cayuga Community College held a Welcome and Recognition event on January 7th, followed by a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Advanced Manufacturing Institute (AMI) & Plastics Technology Laboratory on the Auburn campus. An unveiling of a dedication plaque in honor of Raymond Currier, Founder of Currier Plastics took place in the new lab.

The creation of the Advanced Manufacturing Institute was made possible in part through the Federal Department of Labor Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Grant (TAACCCT). Cayuga Community College recently received SUNY and State Education approval for its first Plastics Technology Certificate and Degree Option Program, as well as the creation of four new options within its existing mechanical technology degree program — mechatronics, facilities design, computer-aided design, and precision machining.

Industry leaders throughout the region and the state saw the center’s potential to benefit their operations and grow local talent. CCC President Brian Durant said, “Our 3,000-square-foot, state-of-the art AMI is designed to serve the training needs of Cayuga County and regional employers and students preparing for high demand careers by offering a range of industrial courses with emphasis on mechanical, plastics, and electrical technologies. The strong relationships and support between local plastics manufacturers and the College distinguishes the AMI’s program offerings from any other college in New York State. We are delighted with the continued support of the Currier family and industry partners for their contributions to this project.”

Two Gatherings to Welcome President Durant

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To welcome the College’s new President, Brian Durant, who joined us in mid-August from Adirondack Community College, Cayuga’s Alumni Board, the College Board of Trustees and College Foundation partnered to host two community receptions in November. The three organizations invited members of the College Community, local elected officials, community and philanthropic leaders and friends of the College to two different receptions.

The first, at the Hilton Garden Inn Auburn, was attended by over 100 people, many who met Dr. Durant and his wife Shawn, for the first time. They were able hear firsthand Dr. Durant’s vision for the College and little bit about his background before coming to Cayuga Community College. With members of the Alumni Board, including new Alumni Board President Gerry Guiney ’82, Dr. Durant recognized Heidi L. Huddleston-Cross ’97, one of our 2015 Alumni Award winners. Ms. Huddleston-Cross works as a nurse practitioner at SUNY Upstate Medical and has received a number of recognitions for her work as an Ostomy nurse, dealing with wound care. You can read about her in last Fall’s The Spartan.

More than 50 community members joined us a week later at Fulton’s Tavern at the Lock, including a large contingent of members of the manufacturing community, the College’s partners at our River Glen campus, as well as members of the Oswego County Legislature. Dr. Durant was, as he was the week before, introduced by Foundation Board President David Contiguglia. Our new President not only talked about his vision for the College, but specifically of the potential for Cayuga at its Fulton Campus at River Glen.

Welcomes and Farewells from the Foundation Director

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2016-01-13 20.39.38-2In November, in partnership with the College’s Alumni Association and Board of Trustees, the Foundation held two receptions, one in Auburn and the other in Fulton to help introduce Dr. Brian Durant, our new College President, to the greater College community. This joint effort, which you can read more about in this issue of Alumni Voices, was a way to bring together College and community leaders, as well as the members of our philanthropic community so that they could meet our new president. The events were so successful, that Dr. Durant has asked that we do similar annual events in both host communities, so that he can update our partners, as well as get feedback from them.

2016-01-13 20.29.27In early 2015, the College was offered a Challenge Grant by the Richard E. Shineman Foundation, based in Oswego County, to raise money for our Fulton operations. I am happy to report, because of the Shineman’s commitment to Fulton, we were able raise roughly $36,000 through local donations that was matched in November by the Shineman Foundation. While raising the money was vital, just as important was our establishing a network of giving in Oswego County, which was at the Shineman Foundation’s urging. The result is that we have started to develop a base for fundraising around the Fulton Campus that we had not been able to accomplish before. It should also be noted, even with the news about the closure of the Fitzpatrick Nuclear Plant, our friends and supporters in Oswego County still came through for this Challenge Grant.

2016-01-13 20.34.19As is tradition, the Foundation Board held its regular meeting in January to vote on future Board Members (that I will write about in a future edition of Alumni Voices), but also to say “good bye” to members of the Board who have either decided not to seek re-election or have maxed out term-wise in their board service. The later was the case with our two longest serving Board Members, who each served nine years on our Board. Lloyd Hoskins ‘74 served three years as our President and was succeeded last year by David Contiguglia, who finished a transitional year as our President in January. Over their nine years of service, both were committed to the mission of the Foundation, giving countless hours of their times, as well as financially supporting the mission of the Foundation, and more importantly the College. Both served on our Finance Committee and then as members of the Executive Committee. Their expertise and willingness to serve will be missed by their fellow board members and the Foundation’s staff.

Student Clubs on the Fulton Campus Team Up for Holiday Cheer!

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Shauna Nesbitt from the Admissions Office and advisor to Phi Theta Kappa on the Fulton Campus, coordinated efforts to purchase supplies and gifts for eight families in need, with the help of students in the Beta Tao Iota chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the Tutor Club, Business Leadership Club, and Vet’s Club. The student groups raised funds and collect donated non-perishable food items to sponsor the families from within River Glen’s own student body.

Families received a basket of food containing turkey, potatoes, stuffing, rolls, fruit, vegetables, spaghetti, sauce, cereal, butter, eggs, pancake mix and syrup, and snacks; along with a gingerbread house ( for the families to complete together). Additionally, each child received a small gift; thanks in part to this lovely collaboration of the Fulton campus community. The gifts were wrapped by Fulton staff members, Lorelee Lardear, Sue Hough, and Joyce Crandall.

The collaboration from the Fulton campus clubs, led by Ms. Nesbitt made this generous event possible; and brighten the holiday season for these deserving families.

Sara Hogan, Shauna Nesbitt and Peter Denton

Sara Hogan, Shauna Nesbitt and Peter Denton

Shauna Nesbitt from the Fulton Admissions Office, advisor to the Beta Tau Iota chapter of PTK

Shauna Nesbitt from the Fulton Admissions Office, advisor to the Beta Tau Iota chapter of PTK

PTK members Peter Denton, Laurie Goodall, Sara Hogan, Jennifer James (president, CCC student), Shauna Nesbitt, PTK advisor and parent

PTK members Peter Denton, Laurie Goodall, Sara Hogan, Jennifer James (president, CCC student), Shauna Nesbitt, PTK advisor and parent

Food and Gifts donated to brighten the holiday for local families

Food and Gifts donated to brighten the holiday for local families.

New Manager Checklist: 5 Things You Need to Know About Being a Good Leader

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Congratulations! You’ve just been promoted to your first management position. You’re going to be responsible for leading and motivating your team to accomplish overarching goals for your organization. Now what?

If you’ve never been in a leadership role before, you may be a bit intimidated by the prospect of having a group of people look to you for answers. Many first-time managers learn through trial and error what works and what doesn’t, but there are still a few things you can do to make the transition easier. Management and HR experts shared their advice for succeeding as a new manager.

When you move up to a leadership position, your day-to-day activities and overall role in the company are obviously going to change. The challenge that many new managers face is understanding how the skills and strengths they gained in their previous position can help them adjust to their new one.

“Changing roles is like making a pivot in a basketball game,” said Ashley Goodall, chief learning officer at business consulting firm Deloitte. “You are anchored by your areas of strength, and they don’t change as you move. But the expectations of you shift as you go in a new direction. As you move into a management position, you will be orchestrating the work instead of doing it. The trick will be to pay attention to the expectations of your new role and to figure out how to put your strengths to work in different ways.”

Goodall advised identifying your current strengths and building upon them to fulfill the expectations that come with your promotion.

As a nonmanagerial employee, you probably didn’t have access to a lot of the company information your boss did. Now that you’re a leader, you’ll be a more involved in planning and strategy work, and it’s important to keep your team informed about what’s going on in the organization as a whole.

“First-time managers often underestimate the importance of transparency,” said David Niu, founder and CEO of employee engagement tool TINYpulse. “They often hold information that their team members don’t have access to. They can avoid being seen as uncommunicative by being willing to share information such as budget, customer feedback and strategic plans. Transparency can also help staff better understand their role as part of a bigger picture and thus, feel more connected to the company and team.”


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What Makes a Good Leader? Simple Ways to Improve Your Management Skills

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What makes a good leader is the use of effective management skills such as spending 50 percent or more of their time listening carefully.

Great leaders understand that some of the best leadership qualities entail listening to others with undivided attention.

When was the last time you actually listened single-mindedly to one of your staff members?

Can you remember when you last listened to someone without interruptions or distractions from either telephone calls or drop-in visitors, when you just focused intently on the person speaking with you, ignoring all else? When CEO Alan Mulally arrived at Ford, he used a technique he had refined at Boeing. He found a way to instantly shift the senior executives on his team from talkers to listeners by changing the way he evaluated his team’s performance.

“It always comes down to incentives. What’s the incentive for someone to behave differently? Is it recognition, time, or more money? No. It’s usually visibility,” he said.

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What does it take to be a manager?

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There’s a lot to consider when it comes to taking on a managerial role.

Many organizations elevate the top performing employees into management positions as these individuals are often regarded as the trusted experts in their area. Unfortunately, by promoting an individual who hasn’t developed the right skill set and experience to navigate the management playing field, an organization can end up with an ineffective manager and a demoralized team.

So what do you need to know before you take the critical step into management?

To be a manager: know what’s expected of you as a manager

While the offer of an impressive title and increased salary package is tempting, moving into management takes some careful consideration. Looking past the immediate gains, there are some potential costs, such as longer working hours and increased daily pressure. For some individuals, the costs won’t be worth the benefits.

Ask yourself these questions before stepping up into a management role:

– Will I enjoy leading a team?
– Am I willing to confront people about their behaviour or performance?
– Am I comfortable making decisions?

If you don’t feel ready to tackle the above scenarios, or feel you’re more motivated by being an exceptional individual performer rather than banking everything on a broader team, a managerial role might not be the best fit for you. Alternatively, you may decide that being a manager simply isn’t part of your personal career goals.

To be a manager: what are employers looking for?

If you decide you are ready to step up and prove yourself to be an effective leader, you’ll need to show your boss that you’re ready to take on the additional responsibility. This is especially the case if you don’t have previous experience in a managerial position. Here are some of the skills employers are looking for in their management team:

Soft skills – when it comes to hiring an effective manager, most employers are looking for soft skills as much as serious technical qualifications and abilities. You can be the top performer in your team, but if you’re not a particularly good listener or you don’t buy into the company vision, you’ll be much less likely to be given managerial responsibilities. Other important soft skills include time management, negotiation, teamwork, delegation and communication.

Leadership – one of the most important soft skills a manager should have is the ability to inspire, direct and lead others. A good leader leads his or her team towards a particular goal or vision, guiding them through challenges and hurdles to achieve a clear objective. Creativity, magnanimity and even a good sense of humor are all traits that can assist you to become an effective leader.

Business acumen and administrative understanding – you don’t need to be an accountant to become a manager. However, team managers do need to demonstrate an understanding of administrative processes and basic financial models because they are usually responsible for budget allocations. Budget management also involves working with other teams and departments to complete projects and meet deadlines, so will impact the output of your broader team.

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5 Steps To Become A Manager

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shutterstock_188617211Many people reach a point in their careers when they decide they’d like more responsibility. Becoming a manager can be an excellent way for professionals to advance their career development and even earn more money.

Managers are responsible for coordinating and overseeing many company projects and everyday tasks. That makes their position a unique one within the company – one that holds particular importance for maintaining business success. But becoming a manager isn’t always easy, you’ll often find yourself competing against other qualified candidates and co-workers to snag the position.

Here are five steps to take toward becoming a manager in your company:

1. Let Your Aspirations be Known. If you aspire to become a manager, don’t stay quiet about it! While you don’t have to border on obnoxiousness, it’s still important to let the right people know you’re thinking about taking the next step so they can help you get where you want to be. Let your current manager or boss know you aspire for more, and work with them to develop the skills you need to eventually make the transition.

2. Become a Mentor. Ask your manager or boss if opportunities exist for you to become a mentor, or join a professional organization in your industry that will set you up with a mentee. This can be an excellent way to show you have the expertise to work closely with others and develop solid interpersonal relations – a must in any managerial position. Or, consider taking on a mentor yourself – someone who has more experience than you can help you to prepare for more responsibilities.

3. Strengthen Your Skills. As a manager, you’ll experience less leisure time, more authority, more leading, and tons of other new requirements. For this reason, it’s important to strengthen your skills to ensure you’re prepared to step up to the plate. Actively assess the skills you already have, and talk to those already in managerial positions to determine what skills you need to acquire. Do your research, stay up to date on industry trends, and seize any opportunity to strengthen your abilities.

4. Show Your Worth. It’s important to put your ambition into action. If you feel as though you need to show your boss how valuable you are before you can have a chance at landing a higher position, consider setting up a meeting and prepare a presentation that highlights your accomplishments and commitments to the company thus far. Provide concrete numbers to describe your accomplishments (“increased client leads by 40 percent,” or “managed accounts of advertisers contributing to a total budget of $200,000”) to make your arguments irrefutable.

5. Ask for Feedback. Ask your higher-ups and coworkers to assess your performance so far. Do you do a good job of responding to conflict? Do you react well to stressful situations? Are you able to lead a group without trying to take too much control–or too little? Glean feedback from your coworkers or managers to determine where your strengths are and where you need to improve. Not only will this show you’re open to feedback and continual improvement, but it will show you value the opinion of individual group members, something that any manager should commit to.

Becoming a manager can be an excellent way to advance your career and prepare you for further professional opportunities. As 2012 comes to a close, make a commitment to taking these steps next year to increase your chances of landing a higher role in your company.

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