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Judo = Alumni Achievers

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Editor’s Note: The Judo=Alumni Achievements article was originally published in the fall/winter 2011 edition of Spartan.

Judo = Alumni Achievements

With continued enthusiasm, for over 42 years, Judo Instructor-‘Sensei’-PE Professor Peter Petrosino has taught, promoted, and followed with pride the careers of numerous students among the thousands who enrolled in his Judo classes.  The Alumni Association recently assisted Petrosino in his quest to reconnect with many more of his former students with an ad in the Spring/Summer 2011 edition of The Spartan.

During conversations with Pete, we continue to marvel at the correlation between the required dedication and discipline of Judo students, and the remarkable achievements attained by these same individuals.  While some did not continue their Judo pursuits, they all remarked that its teachings have been useful in their everyday life.

Here are some of the responses Pete received, from some of his former students:

Edward W. Bolton ’75 received his Brown Belt in Judo.  He is currently a criminal investigator and college instructor, living in Florence, Texas and is married with two children.  He received his master’s degree in criminal justice and a Doctor of Education (ABD) and shares that 38 years ago, Pete Petrosino was his Sensei.  “I am glad our paths crossed at that time.  Thank you for your teachings.  You buried me in the mat many times.  It was a good time.  Thanks, Pete.”

Kathleen M. ‘Glav’ Glavin ’74 became a physical education teacher in Norwich, NY.  She shares that, “I have very fond memories of our Judo classes at ‘ACC’.”  Glav participates in and teaches the Educational Karate Program (EKP) in her school district.  She said she often talks about her lessons from Judo and compares the belt colors with her K-2 students.  Kathleen copied some of the “Zen-Koan” riddles taught in Judo to read to her students every year.

Edwin E. Lewis ’78 attended grad school at the University of Missouri, earning his M.S., and Auburn University, earning his Ph.D.  Following school he worked as a postdoctoral research scientist at Rutgers University and the University of Maryland.  Lewis later worked as a professor at Virginia Tech, and he and his wife are now on the faculty at the University of California where he does research and teaches.  Most of his work focuses on developing biological alternatives to chemical pesticides in agriculture, among other things.  Ed said that he has moved around quite a bit and that he has participated in Judo about everywhere he has been including: Cornell, Missouri, Alabama, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Sacramento, California.  While he hasn’t found a club locally that practices early enough for his schedule, he continues to look.

Jeanne A. Cofrancesco ’75 has been with a ‘Big Four’ accounting firm for 20 years, working in communications and marketing in Miami, Cleveland, New York, and New Jersey.  When she responded to Sensei’s request, Jeanne shared that she often thinks about the concepts that were taught in Judo and how they apply so well in other aspects of her life.  While she didn’t keep up with the practice of Judo, she said that, “there are some things from Judo class that I carried away as life’s lessons and they prove true time and time again.”  First, if you are starting a new endeavor, first learn to fall; when done correctly, it will prepare you and make you stronger.  Second, when met with an opposing force, go with the resistance; that sometimes includes stepping out of the way.  And finally, if a Master throws you to the floor, it won’t hurt you, and you will likely learn something important in the process.  Recalling her first lessons in Judo, Cofrancesco said “throwing ourselves tucked head-first into a fall so we wouldn’t get hurt” still brings a smile to her face. 

Included in Spartan’s Fall 2011 article were stories about Jerimy G. Blowers, PhD ’93, Nancy (McElroy) Ingalls ’79, and Thomas C. Blair ’71.   To read more of these stories online, go to: and select the Fall 2011 issue of Spartan.

UPDATE:  Sensei Petrosino will be leaving a lasting legacy of nearly 50 years to Auburn/Cayuga Community College, as he says “goodbye” to the Judo Club at the end of this semester.  He began in the fall of 1968 as an Instructor of Health and Physical Education, earning his B.S., M.S., at SUNY Cortland.  He coached Soccer for several years and then formed the Judo Club in 1972 where he served as its advisor until he recently decided it was time to . . .  step off the mat.  Pete will be greatly missed.

Alumni Travel

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The Gettysburg Battlefield National Military Park ADVANCED Excursion


New York City Weekend Bus Trip

2017 Alumni Award Recipients Announced

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ACC/CCC Alumni Association Awards

Established in 1993, these awards are presented annually to alumni who have demonstrated outstanding contribution in one or more of the following areas:  vocational or artistic achievement; volunteer service; involvement in public service organizations or civic functions; or help offered to the College, its Foundation, or the Alumni Association. 

Recipients will be recognized during the 2017 Commencement Ceremony on May 21, 2017, followed by a reception in their honor.

2017 Recipients

Gerard Guiney ’82

Gerry Guiney exhibits many qualities which are symbolic of the mission of the ACC/CCC Alumni Association.  Over the years, Gerry has been an active member in the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  He has been a respected local volunteer with CYO Basketball, the Auburn Boys and Girls Baseball League, and the Auburn Indians Football and Cheerleading.  Gerry has provided valuable service as an active member of the ACC/CCC Alumni Association for nearly 9 years, and currently serves as its President.

Gerry is an Army veteran and served in Vietnam.  He earned a Bachelor of Professional Science-Correction Administration degree from SUNY College of Technology at Utica/Rome and an Associate’s in Criminal Justice from Cayuga.  Gerry served as Deputy Superintendent of Security for the NYS Department of Correctional Services for 38 years, and was a hostage negotiator for the Crisis Intervention Unit for 29 years.  In addition, he was a Management Consultant and Trainer for the Department of Justice, National Academy of Corrections and National Institute of Corrections, along with other numerous law enforcement and correction organizations throughout the country for 32 years.

Gerry is married to the former Marilyn (DiRaddo) and they have two sons, G. Adam and John.

We would like to thank John Lamphere ’74 and Terry Wilbur ’08 for nominating Mr. Guiney.

Kathleen (DeJoy) Genkos ’87 & ’00

Kathleen Genkos relishes in supporting her local community by researching and writing about its rich history, as well as taking any opportunity to celebrate Auburn and Cayuga County.  In her free time, she is an author, historian, and genealogical researcher and shares that local history has always been her passion.  Along with her brother Scott DeJoy, she completed and published a local history book, “Hometown Heroes: The History of the Auburn Fire Department,” which has been very well received by the community.  She is a genealogy volunteer lookup resource for the Cayuga County NYGenWeb Project, as well as for Family Search Indexing.  Kathleen is a member of “CIAO!” a cultural Italian – American organization in Auburn, NY, and is an honorary lifetime member of 443rd, AAA Battalion Association, and volunteer historian for The Auburn Castle Facebook page.

Kathleen has worked for the New York State Office of Mental Health/Office of Information Technology for 30 years, and is currently a NYS Health Facilities Management, IT Site Manager.  She is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) ISC2 Certification, a Certified HIPAA Professional and earned two degrees at Cayuga Community College; her first degree in Secretarial Science, and the second degree in Business Administration.

Kathleen is married to Mark Genkos and has two daughter’s Deanna Judson and Amy Judson ’14, who will be earning her second Cayuga degree this May, and step daughter Jenna. 

We would like to thank, Debbie Blake for bringing forward her sister Kathleen’s name forward for nomination.

Ryan D. Barker, DC, MSACN, MSHAPI, BA, AAS ’04

Dr. Ryan Barker sets an excellent example of what a degree from Cayuga can help you to attain.  Attending Cayuga under the encouragement of his mother, Ryan found CCC “mentally awakening.”  He earned his Associates in Math and Science, and then attended Oswego State.   Ryan developed a friendship with an Oswego Professor, who was also a chiropractor, and with it, a new found interest in his education and health.  He earned his Bachelor of Arts at Oswego State with a concentration in biology and a chemistry minor.   He went on to earn his Doctor of Chiropractic, a Master of Science in Human Anatomy and Physiology Instruction, and a Master of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition with the New York Chiropractic College. He now looks to inspire and encourage bright young minds by teaching full time at SUNY Oswego, in addition to working full time at his own chiropractic practice.  Making further connection with the students at Oswego, Ryan also begun a property rental business for college students.  Dr. Barker hold a license with the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, is a licensed CPR & Emergency Cardiac Care Provider, and is certified in Whole Foods Nutrition.  He is affiliated with the New York Chiropractic College and SUNY Oswego Alumni Relations and participates with Cayuga’s Alumni Achiever’s Program.

His advice to someone starting out: “I would encourage them to follow their curiosity, passion and learn to believe in yourself.  In too many cases a lack of faith in one’s self is the only limiting factor in achieving what was never considered.”

We would like to thank Dr. Barker’s proud mother, Barbara Barker and friend, Terry Wilbur ’08, for bringing forward his nomination.

Remembering Peggy

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The Auburn Tutor Club and Student Government Organization, along with Club Advisor Teresa Hoercher, met on St. Patrick’s Day to discuss how they wished to honor the memory of alumna and former Cayuga employee Mary “Peggy” Carroway ’03.  Once again this year, they selected St. Patrick’s Day for the event, as it was one of her favorite holidays.  It was a beautiful clear day in which to launch the 25 green balloons from the center quad in her memory.  Donations made for the honor of releasing a balloon were included with other fundraising the group provided for a scholarship which is presented each year in her memory.

Cayuga President Welcomes New Board of Trustee Member

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Marian Brown joined the 10 member Board of Trustees on April 26th.  Ms. Brown replaces Jeff Edwards, who served on the board from 2005 to 2016. She is the director for the Center for Sustainability and the Environment at Wells College, and earned a Masters of Science degree in Corporate Communications from Ithaca College and a Bachelor of Science degree from SUNY Brockport.  Trustee Brown has been involved in the Auburn community on various boards, including the Cayuga Lake Floating Classroom and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Cayuga County.

Other members of the Board include Dr. Linda Van Buskirk, Chair; Mr. John M. Camardo ’84, Vice-chair; Ms. Melina Carnicelli, Secretary; Mr. Pat Mahunik, County legislative representative, Duanna Johnson, student trustee, Mr. John Klink ’66, a gubernatorial appointee, Ms. Angela Daddabbo, a gubernatorial appointee; Ms. Stephanie Hutchinson, a legislative appointee, Dr. Richard Stankus, a legislative appointee.

“I am pleased to welcome this leader to our Board of Trustees,” President Dr. Brian Durant said in a news release. “She joins a passionate and engaged group that is dedicated to helping students achieve their personal and professional goals and I look forward to working with her.”

Students Celebrate Harmony Month

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Colorful flags representing Harmony Month were displayed on the Auburn campus in April as a celebration of all races, nationalities, regions, sexual orientations, intellectual abilities and political preferences at the College.  The display was organized by the Student Government Organization (SGO).

SGO secretary Monica Espada told The Citizen, “The reason why we wanted to do all the different colors was because we have a lot of different diversity on the campus, a lot of unique individuals and characteristics on the campus, so we thought that (the colors) would best symbolize diversity.” The campus currently has students who hail from locations ranging from England to Haiti and Mexico to Kentucky.  Advisor for the SGO, Margaret Thomas said “It just goes to show even though (students have) differences and have that diversity, there’s also a lot that we have in common that we can celebrate together while appreciating differences everyone has,” she said.

Photo courtesy of The Citizen, Pictured:  Steven Brewer, SGO President; Monica Espada, SGO Secretary; Chumani Ketcham, SGO Vice President; and Duana Johnson, Student Trustee.


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Held on both the Auburn and Fulton campuses, Cayuga’s SPARTY and Recognition Ceremony was held in May.  College faculty and staff enjoyed the college-wide appreciation day which included lunch, games and music.  College President, Dr. Durant, recognized Chancellor Award winners for Excellence in Teaching, Faculty Service and Classified Service as well as acknowledged faculty and staff for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 Years of Service.  Recognized for 25 years of services were Penelope Herrling, John Lamphere ’74, and Ed Wager; and 30 Years of Service to Linda Alfieri and Steven Keeler.  Damp conditions required some activities to take

place indoors, but the weather did not dampen the mood for the 4th Annual


AMI at Cayuga, Helping to Fill Employee Gap

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Cayuga’s Advanced Manufacturing Institute (AMI) program is helping to fill a gap between experienced and less skilled employees working for local companies like Currier Plastics and Tessy Plastics.  In a recent interview with The Citizen, Thomas Ryder, a Currier Plastic engineer and Instructor of AMI at CCC described his skill gap observations. “From what I’ve seen at our company, we have a lot of older guys who have been in manufacturing for a long time and they’re getting ready to kind of retire in that area,” he said, “and we also have a lot of new guys who are starting to pick up, but there’s nobody in that middle range to follow the guys who are retiring.” 

One of the goals behind the AMI program is to help plastics industry employers find local graduates and other workers.  As an instructor of an injection molding plastics class, three of Ryder’s students are Currier employees, while the other student works at Elbridge-based Tessy Plastics plant. The class is a part of CCC’s Plastics Technology Stackable Program, which offers hands-on training in fields like blow molding and injection molding.

Ryder said the Cayuga class gives students the opportunity to work with machines and employ critical skills that would be used on a manufacturing floor.  “Something that we struggle with is trying to close that gap so we can have a better transition of skills,” Ryder said.

John F. Currier ’80, president of Currier and Cayuga Alumnus, told The Citizen that the CCC program lets potential workers get a glimpse of the manufacturing business and receive real-life experience and training that would be readily applied at Currier.  “This whole situations is a win-win for everyone,” he said.

Cayuga Offers New Scholarship to High School Seniors

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Cayuga Community College and the College’s Foundation announced a new scholarship program for Cayuga County high school seniors who show promise for success in college.  The Fred L. Emerson Foundation Academic Scholarship is supported by an endowment from the Auburn foundation.  Candidates must be high school seniors who enroll as first-time, full-time students at Cayuga Community College and have a high school average of 75 or above.

The equivalent of nine scholarships will be awarded to Cayuga County high school seniors, who will become Emerson Scholars and have access to college planning support and advising while receiving a debt-free, two-year college education.  In addition, The Emerson Foundation has funded three years of support for student success advocates, who will work closely with Emerson Scholars on their academic careers.

For more information, or to apply for the scholarship, visit or call (866) 598-8883.

Superfast Summer Recipes

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Celebrate the season with these 20-minute recipes using the freshest produce.

34 Healthy Dinner Recipes Anyone Can Make

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If you fall into either group, you’re in the right place. Sure, making your own meals—and healthy ones to boot—can seem like a lot of work, but rest assured, it’s nowhere near as difficult as you think. Plus, it’s often much cheaper than ordering in or going out.

To help you get started, we found 34 quick and healthy meals from around the web that keep the equipment and clean-up to a minimum (no fancy blenders or food processors needed!).

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